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An online community that aids talented people

In India, there are a lot of online communities that have been created with the prime motive of helping people

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How did Mona Lisa become the world’s most famous painting? Story of a thief…

Who does not know about the Mona Lisa painting? It has been world famous for years now. The Mona Lisa

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Missing schools can be more dangerous than coronavirus

The schools had been closed across the globe as a measure to fight against the pandemic. It was just for

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Not only humans, animals can also be at risk of Covid 19: A Report

The pandemic has struck human fraternity and has put lives at stake. While more and more humans are dying of

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Innovations Rules Pharma & Healthcare Travel

“Contactless Yet Excellent Service” is the Future of Hospitality Industry

According to the health guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, all hoteliers are required to re-evaluate what is necessary

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Are Indians Really Leading happy Married Lives? Here are 5 reasons for Increase in Divorce Rates in India

According to a BBC report few years back, it was stated that thirteen marriages out of a thousand ended in

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The World’s Most Nutritious Foods: According to Science

Healthy eating is the key to good health. The food consumed by us often benefits us in immense ways from

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Will the Real Estate sector revive after Covid19?

It is perceived that the real estate business can be a major driver for reviving the economy in the post-COVID

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Bollywood Celebrity Voice Media & Entertainment

Death of Sushant Singh Rajput: Is it a Mere Mystery or something Else!!!

A student at Delhi Technological University, an excellent dancer, who left his career to pursue in films soon became one

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How to distinguish between common cold and corona symptoms?

Rains are here and the monsoon showers will soak the entire nation. It is also that time of the year

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