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E-commerce companies sold goods worth 12.7 thousand crores in just 3 days of festival season

E-commerce companies : Amazon and Flipkart

In this time of slowness in the country, the e-commerce companies are making huge profits in this festive season. E-commerce companies can touch merchandise sales of 3.7 billion (26.23 thousand crores) during the 6-day festive season. According to a report by Redseer Consulting, e-commerce companies have reached a figure of $ 1.8 billion (12.7 thousand crores) in the first three days of the festive season.

However, Redseer has not yet revealed the exact figures of the two big players in the e-commerce market: Amazon and Flipkart. But the report clearly states that fashion sales are mostly made by Flipkart and electronic items sold by Amazon. The report said that 55% of the revenue came from mobile sales as in the previous year. Sales of electronics, fashion and furniture have also increased this year.

A senior employee of Redsar Consulting said that the first three days were beneficial for e-commerce companies even after the Government of India implemented new rules in the e-commerce sector. It is clear that people are still positive for online purchases.

According to Redseer, e-commerce merchandise sales can reach figures of $ 3.7 billion (26.23 thousand crores) in festive sessions this year as compared to last year. It is expected that during this time e-commerce companies can achieve the target of 80 to 100 percent.


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