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Amazon to start Prime delivery by drone in California later this year

Get your Amazon packages delivered by drone later this year if you live in the town of California. Amazon recently released information, stating they will soon be using drones to do drone delivery services in Lockeford, California in the near future.

Customers will be able to purchase items on Amazon. To make their delivery, a drone lifts off from the warehouse and makes its way to the customer’s location. Once it arrives, it hovers before dropping off the package to complete the delivery with a fast return to base.

Amazon says their drones, with a sense-and avoid system, can see both stationary and moving objects to keep them from randomly crashing. The drones then course correct or land at the customer’s home to make sure the area around it is empty so they won’t crash.

Amazon has built more than two dozen prototypes since Prime Air was announced in 2013. Amazon first revealed a plan to recruit 1,300 test customers for drone deliveries in a March report by Insider. Amazon’s latest iteration of the drone “is designed and tested to minimize high-frequency soundwaves,” which is what it claimed in the press release.

The FAA gave Amazon the all-clear to deliver their drone packages in 2020. Prime Air has occasionally seen some turbulence and has seen some crashes, one of which led to a fire and caused a field in Oregon to burst into flames. People can expect amazon prime delivery by drone later this year, however, company going to start this service from California first.

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