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Bharat Swamy of Agni Fame reignites Fire; Releases new single “Tears of Fire” on Benison Records

July 24, 2020, Mumbai – Founding member of India’s iconic rock band, Agni, Bharat Swamy has recreated his magic under the aegis of Agni Webbed.  The unique identity of Agni translating its restless energy and hunger for succor (very much a hallmark of Agni, the Fire god) into a creative force that cannot be denied continues to be evident in the music of Agni Webbed with Bharat at its core. His latest single Tears of Fire has been made available through Benison Records under the umbrella of Boon Castle Media & Entertainment Private Limited. 

Bharat is a vocalist and performer par excellence and all the songs of the early 90’s legendary Rock Band Agni’s 1st album “Wind Dance & Fire” were composed by him.  Spanning over 263 concerts with Agni, Bharat moved on following the dissolution of the band due to the untimely and tragic death of two key band members.  His personal venture, Agni Webbed once again is representative of his prowess in sensitive and high impact song making.  

Tears of Fire brings alive the doctrine of Karma; What goes around comes around.  The song is a quest to awaken mankind to the mal-effects of transgressions viz. racism, domestic violence, abuse, etc, and the inevitable eventuality of Divine Intervention. The  MAHA MRITYUNJAYA MANTRA in the background is a tribute to Lord Shiva who is the destroyer of all things, evil and vile.  

Speaking on the release, Bharat commented, “The concept of Karma is as universal as can be; You reap what you Sow is a doctrine prevalent, across religions and communities.  I am very happy to collaborate with Ashish Manchanda, ace drummer/ early band member from the original Agni lineup once again to create music that has universal messaging and release it through his record label, Benison Records.  I am confident that Tears of Fire will awaken people across the globe and bring a new light of wisdom and enlightenment in their hearts!”

The video has been conceptualized on the basis of the Garuda Purana, an ancient scripture, which talks about the repercussions of different misdeeds. The elements of nature ie Earth, Wind, and Fire have been incorporated in the video to emphasize these consequences.  Having said that no act of violence to another human being, in order to ensure that justice is served, has been shown in the video.

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