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Bhedchal series is out, Here’s Why Bandish Bandits gets popular

Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, implemented the new Indian education system and commented that the country needs to be taken away from the Bhedchal practise. It necessarily means , walking with the crowd without following any logic. While the Indian education system has eradicated the Bhedchal movement , so has the film and entertainment industry escalated from the traditional TV serials to web series.

Over the past few years, the trend of growing web series has been growing in India at a fast pace. Bandish Bandits is a recent web- series on amazon Prime which paved its way to the sheepish Indian cinema. It is a web series in Hindi which meets all facets of people.

Bandish is a musical term used for a composition in Hindustani music. It refers to restriction or limitations. Bandits always recalls the swashbuckling acts of daredevilry. It is a 10 episode series which marks the digital debut of Shankar Ehsaan Loy. Hence, we can realise that the music is catchy. Bandish Bandits narrates the story of love affair between Tamanna, a popstar, Radhe, a classical musical prodigy.

Bandish Bandits is a series on Amazon Prime, based entirely on music. It has a collection of classical music and a mixer of some new types of songs. The entire set is in Rajasthan and it is the story of a musical house. In this entire music, only music is music, that is also classical, which is rarely seen in any prime cinema nowadays.

India is a country where the roots of classical music go back to thousands of years. Ever since there has been a clash between the western and pop music and this age-old tussle is the new spin and theme of Amazon’s new web series Bandish Bandits.

The series is based on music and has a collection of classical music and a mixer of some new types of songs. The entire set is in Rajasthan and it is the story of a musical house. What makes the entire series so popular is the fact that the story is based on only music, basically classical music, which is rare in cinema. The lead characters of the series are the new actors, while there are also actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Rajesh Talang, Atul Kulkarni, Sheeba Chadha who win hearts with their performances.

The mandate that the performers in this web series follow is to catch the attention of the viewer in just one go. Moreover, the main aim of Amazon’s new series is to make Hindustani classical music appealing to younger generation. It aims to strike a balance between the classical and the pop music, develop a liking of Gen X to the classical music.

Indian cinema or serials need to revive interest in classical music. This is very absent in Indian cinema. the entire series works on the same motive, to revive Indian classical music. This is one of the crucial facts that makes the serial so popular. The series clearly focuses on the fact that there does not need to be a rift between the classical and the popular, needs to be on-going.

Bandish Bandits keeps up focus on this crucial theme, thereby making it most popular web series.

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