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DEG Organizes Meet to Improve Cinematic Relations with China

The Digital Entertainment Group(DEG) is taking lead in improving cinematic ties with China. A meet organized by them for 25th September will be including top Chinese officials from government circles and leading companies such as Tencent besides the U.S. representatives. The Chinese delegation numbers 15.  

The venue for the meet is the Los Angeles located Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. The agenda for the meet are discussing ways and means of engaging with China in the field of entertainment for mutual benefit. The meeting will be held at 2 p.m. and will include a networking session at 5 p.m.

The discussion which is to be hosted by Cinedigm is titled ‘Creative Collaboration with China’. Cinedigm is a cinematic company, with a majority stake being held by Hong Kong-based private equity group, Bison Capital. An announcement was made at the beginning of the year by Cinedigm about its association with Starrise Media Holdings Ltd, a China-based company. The association was formed for distribution of films in China at the theatres and through the digital mode and reversely release of Chinese movies in parts of North America. 

DEG discussion on Cutting-Edge-Technology

The CEO and president of DEG, Amy Jo Smith stated that becoming aware of new and cutting-edge technologies, trending topics and making available to the members the resources to pave the way for an increased growth was one of the objectives of DEG. In this context, she revealed that the program will enable the U.S. and their Chinese counterparts in the field of media and entertainment to explore different avenues for improving script writing and story-telling so as to put forth a more effective content piece across the current and evolving distribution platforms. It will also help to tap additional revenue generation potential of the content in the context of the evolving distribution systems.

She disclosed that it was a privilege to organize this program which would entail knowledge transfer between members from the Film and TV Import and Export Association, China and their U.S. counterparts.

Bill Sondheim, the president of Cinedigm Entertainment Group will make the keynote address. In his introductory talk, he conveyed the enthusiasm expressed by both Hollywood and the Chinese film industry with regard to release and distribution of movies in both the countries for mutual benefit.

Talk Show

Next, on the agenda is a ‘talk show’ with Chris McGurk, CEO and Chairman of Cinedigm and Bill Mechanic, head of Pandemonium Films. The ‘talk show’ will be moderated by Bennett Pozil, the EVP of East West Bank. Incidentally, Pozil is being known as the financial treasure chest for those wanting to promote Hollywood and Chinese cinema.

A discussion will follow the ‘talk show’. A panel comprising Marc Gareton, EVP, International Asia-Pacific and International Productions for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment; Daniel Solnicki, EVP, Business Operations and Doris Pfardrescher, president and CEO of Well Go USA will discuss on the consumption patterns, distribution strategies, and trends in cinematic content creation in both the countries. The discussion will be moderated by NBC Universal’s Stewart Till.

DEG members can participate for free. 

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