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The internet becomes bigger than TV media worldwide in 2019

The Internet has only been gaining in usability and popularity since its time of inception with more and more people becoming heavily reliant on it for their day to day activities. If you look at the present scenario, almost everything is present at your fingertips courtesy the internet. Access to social media, booking transportation for traveling, shopping through online portals, entertainment, you name it and everything is done through the internet! Internet usage has increased to such an extent that is slated to cross the traditional television in terms of minutes invested in either of them, assimilating content. Statistically speaking, an average person will spend close to 170.6 minutes a day on the internet, narrowly going ahead of 170.3 minutes a day for television. That makes it close to 3 hours a day on browsing through contents for various purposes.

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Online streaming

One of the main reason that internet is being used more than television these days is that almost all the contents of tv can be streamed through the internet as well. There are many video portals available like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, SonyLiv. All these applications have multiple movies and tv series stored in their database. All one has to do is take a subscription which can be monthly, quarterly or even yearly and everything will be at your fingertips. The best part is that you can live stream the contents of television on to your laptops and mobile phones easily. Portability also plays an important role here as internet and these applications can be easily accessible to one and all just by downloading them. Thus, you can watch everything on the go. All these facilities have played a very crucial role in tipping the balance in the favor of the internet.

Use of social media and news

Another important aspect of an increase in dedicated internet usage is social media. Everyone has an account in it and is used to keep in touch with people and be constantly updated about each other. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other such applications need access to the internet in order to be of a user interface. Since so many people are part of any social media, it is but natural that more people have internet in order to have access to them unhindered.

Internet available everywhere

Places that do not have a stable cable network connection have internet towers these days. This has contributed to the downfall of tv as well. The internet is the gateway for a lot of things and extracting information is a major function as well. People traveling will also need continuous access in order to stay up to date and the internet is very important here. Thus, internet for professional work is also instrumental in increasing the usage of the internet.

The Internet is the new thing on vogue and it is slowly sidelining the television mainly because of the easy visibility. Though new inventions are still going on regarding televisions, the sale of these products is lesser than before. The utility of the internet adds to its value. That day does not look very far when televisions stop being produced and the whole autonomy will lie on the hands of the internet and it’s service providers.

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