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The week ahead hosts the IPL, UK Inflation, Oscars, etc

The week ahead hosts the IPL, UK Inflation, Oscars

The week ahead is yet to bring along events of high importance. Presently, the sports enthusiasts in India wait for the Indian Premier League (IPL).  

Moreover, on Thursday, World Tuberculosis day will spread awareness globally.   

Furthermore, the week ahead will bring events of high importance like the UK’s Retail Inflation crisis. 

During the coming week, The 94th Academy Awards might be an event that brings joy to cinema lovers globally. 


Moreover, The Indian Government decides to resume International flights with pre-pandemic schedules. 

Perhaps, even the Tourism Industry in India needs a break too. 

The week ahead holds grave importance, with several prime events lined up: 

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022’ begins

Presently, cricket enthusiasts await the return of IPL to the Indian grounds. After all, the 15th season of the Indian Premier League begins on 26th March. 

During the COVID pandemic in India, the last two seasons of IPL took place in the UAE. 

Perhaps, this year’s IPL edition will witness a significant number of IPL lovers at various stadiums.

Furthermore, during the mega auction of IPL players, the nation witnessed promising new teams. 

However, BCCI plans on introducing a new format to the 15th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The 15th edition of IPL will be a 24-match tournament. BCCI decides on dividing the teams into two groups for the league matches.

Moreover, the highlight of this year’s IPL might be introducing two new teams: Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans. 

According to a statement by BCCI, “plans are afoot for a women’s Indian Premier League, starting next year.”

Indian Government resumes International Flights

Presently, India appears ready to commence the international flights with a 100% capacity.  

As per an official notice from the Indian Government, international flights are to begin from 27th March.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the suspension of all scheduled commercial flights caused a significant downfall in the Indian Tourism Industry. 

However, India’s decision to commence special International flights through air bubbles brought some relief.  

Moreover, the nation witnessed a significant drop in Foreign Tourism of 75% during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Perhaps, India’s decision to resume all Internation flights will bring some relief to the Tourism Industry. 

The UK faces a significant Retail Inflation crisis

Last week, the Bank of England raised benchmark rates for the third tie in a row.  

Presently, Retail Inflation in the United Kingdom touches the mark of 5.5%, scoring a 30 -year high record. 

According to the Resolution Foundation, a UK-based Think Tank states, “a typical household will see its real income drop by £1000 in 2022-23 as inflation rises more.”

Furthermore, The Central Bank shares concern that Inflation might reach upto 8% in April. 

The Office for National Statistics states, “the sky-high Inflation attributes to a surge in energy prices and the rising costs of the daily household as the country emerges from covid restriction.”

Perhaps, there seems no relief to the rising Inflation as per the Central Bank’s predicament. 

World Tuberculosis Day approaches

Tuberculosis was, also known as the ‘white plague, is known to be a fatal infectious disease after covid-19. 

Presently, this year’s World Tuberculosis Day works on a theme of ‘Invest to end TB. Save Lives.’

However, the global fight for TB faces its most brutal obstacle. 

After all, the Covid pandemic hit a hard blow on the funding of Diagnostics and Treatment facilities.  

Furthermore, the global funding for TB fell for the first time since 2016.

Oscars, The 94th Academy Awards to be given soon!

Presently, the world awaits the 94th Academy Awards Winners. 

Moreover, the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood hosts the ceremony for Oscars on 27th March. 

Furthermore, one of the event’s highlights is its various first-time happenings and other splendid nominees: 

  • Jane Champion is the first woman to be nominated twice for Best Director for an Animated documentary. 
  • Steven Spielberg receives his 8th Best Director Nomination.

Perhaps, the Cinema lovers can witness the telecast on 27th March at 5 pm local time and 5:30 Am on 28th March in India. 


The week ahead looks pretty packed, with various significant events globally. 

Make sure to no miss out on any of these major events like The Indian Premier League (IPL), UK Inflation, World Tuberculosis day, etc. 

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