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You Tube Sensation Shreya releases her debut track “Pasbaan” on Springboard Records

September 2nd, 2020, Mumbai – One of India’s most popular influencers, singer/ songwriter Shreya Jain emotes the sentiments of a lover whose love is not reciprocated back.  She sings with passion and enhanced protective feelings towards the lover as she experiences love which is one sided; mesmerising the listeners with her impassioned voice.  The new record is available through his parent label, Springboard Records.  

Shreya Jain started learning music from her musically accomplished father since the tender age of 5 and has created an unprecedent fan following for herself.  A young girl from Nagpur, Shreya has established that dreams have no boundaries and when followed with sincerity and faith, dreams are fulfilled and become a reality.  Shreya, an accomplished and talented singer started writing songs when she came to Mumbai under the mentorship of Ashish Manchanda.  

Ashish Manchanda is a renowned music industry entrepreneur, music producer/engineer and has been a part of India’s top music projects that include MTV Coke Studio, MTV Unplugged, India’s RAWSTAR and numerous bollywood films like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Dev D, Bharat.

Pasbaan is a passionate number, expressing Shreya’s feelings of protection towards her lover even though this love is not reciprocated.  Not one to experience any negative emotions at the love not being returned, Shreya sets herself up as the “Keeper” of her lover with a desire to keep him safe, always.  In a world and times where we demand more than we get, this song is a fresh take on love and emotions.  

Speaking on the release, Shreya commented, “Loving someone without expecting them to love you back is the most empowering feeling.  We give without wanting in return is a higher emotion that fills the heart with peace and satisfaction.  My path to fame has been my rendition of covers and I am very excited about my debut release.  I look forward to the response of my fans and audiences in general.  My close collaborators in the song, Abhijeet Srivastava and Aman Moroney have been a pillar of strength for me.  I am also very grateful to my family at Springboard Records for charting out this new path for me.”

The video talks about the memories that arise of the person you love and feelings associated with these memories. 

Shreya has been uploading content consistently for the last 3 years. Currently, she has 8 lakh plus followers on Youtube, with a total of about 50 million views on her channel. Her cover version of Jo tunamila has crossed 15 million views in 2020. She has performed at more than 400 concerts, in the country and internationally, having recently performed at Wembley Stadium, London.  

Her biggest inspirations include her father Shyam Jain, Neeti Mohan, and Neha Kakkar. Her melodious voice finds its place in the hearts of audiences across age groups.  A ‘Ziddi girl in the music world”, singer-songwriter, Shreya Jain is a force to reckon with. 

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