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The week ahead hosts the IPL, UK Inflation, Oscars, etc

The week ahead is yet to bring along events of high importance. Presently, the sports enthusiasts in India wait for the Indian Premier League (IPL).   Moreover, on Thursday, World Tuberculosis day will spread awareness globally.    Furthermore, the week ahead will bring events of high importance like the UK’s Retail Inflation crisis.  During the coming week,

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Five top content executives are women at Netflix India

Presently, five of the seven top content executives are women at Netflix India. Vice-president of content at Netflix India, Monika Shergill’s career spans nearly two and a half decades.  Monika joined Netflix India in 2019 and appointed an army of women to head the film and series slate.  The team included Tanya Bami as the

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YouTube generated ₹6.8k cr and 683,900 jobs in India in 2020

According to a report by Oxford Economics, YouTube generated ₹6.8k cr to the Indian GDP and 683,900 “full-time equivalent”  jobs in 2020.  With over 100,000 subscribers to 4,000 YouTube channels has generated a growth of over 45%, y-o-y.  The revenue generated from YouTube ads is a crucial source of income for 72% of creative entrepreneurs

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1% increase in household spending seen since February

In February, a 1% increase in household spending means the increase was for 54% of families across urban and rural India.  According to findings released on Tuesday of a monthly CSI survey by Axis My India, fewer families increased spending on discretionary items in February.  Pocket-sized increase in overall household spending A pocket-sized consumption increased

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India’s smartphone market bounced back strongly in 2021

The smartphone market in India bounced back strongly in 2021. According to a report by research firm Canalys, Indian smartphone market registered 12 percent growth in 2021 compared to 2020. The reports states that smartphone manufacturers shipped 162 million devices in 2021 despite the chaos brought on of the pandemic. “Following a strong comeback in

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Weight loss drink with Lemon and Coffee – A New TikTok Trend

Weight loss is one of the common health issues which everyone faces once in their lifetime. Losing weight, burning extra calories, and getting rid of that belly fat is something that’s on everyone’s mind. Weight loss has always been a very challenging and complicated process. When trying to lose weight it can be hard to

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10 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2022

How to Increase Instagram Engagement? The most effective way to increase and maintain an Instagram following is through Instagram engagement. Instagram marketing has enabled businesses to reach huge audiences and grow their businesses. By 2022, this platform will have 140 million users in the United States alone, so there’s no better time than now to

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Top 10 Best Television Talk Shows of all time

Whether it’s late at night, early in the morning, or streaming at any time, these are the best talk shows on television ranked from best to worst. During the day, top talk shows make you laugh over coffee, while late-night talk show hosts make you laugh before you go to bed. Celebrities love to talk

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Top 10 Best Television Brands in India you must know

Do you want to know which are the Best Television Brands in India? In this article, we have compiled a list of the most popular television companies with a collection of the best TVs on the market. Various products are available in the market, but some of them always appeal to us. There are many

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Top 10 Netflix Alternative Free Sites In 2021 !

Do you also want Netflix Alternative Free Sites? With an estimated market value of $157 billion and billions in revenue, Netflix is one of the biggest movie streaming services in the world. Netflix charges a subscription fee of $12.99 per month, which is not affordable for everyone. Here are some free alternatives to Netflix you

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