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Mukesh Ambani sheds light on how the upcoming leadership transitions will determine the future of Reliance

Reliance Industry’s chairman Mukesh Ambani speaks about upcoming leadership transitions within his enterprise’s telecom business and energy sector.  On this year’s Reliance family Day, the chairman poured some light onto the succession plans of India’s one of the most valuable companies Mukesh Ambani’s words during this year’s Reliance Family Day surprised the world. As he

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Despite the omicron surge, Oil prices touch the skies as the demand hikes globally.

A sigh of relief for the Oil industry as these yearly gains are a clear sign of bouncing back from the Covid crisis.  The world is still facing the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Within the midst of such a crisis, the surge of omicron infected victims is like adding oil to the fire. Such

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Top 10 Best Fuel-Efficient Cars for Subscription in India

Do you need Fuel-Efficient Cars for Subscription? When you take a road trip, the journey is very lively and full of fun. If you don’t have your own car and can’t go on road trips then you should know that car subscriptions are available in almost all major cities in India. It costs about $15,000

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List Of The 10 World’s Top Oil and Gas Companies

With global economies increasingly relying on petroleum-based products, the world’s dependence on oil and gas is increasing. It seems unlikely that world oil and gas production will peak anytime soon. While the global economy is weakening and oil availability is decreasing. The top oil and gas companies still wield enormous influence in international economics and

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Would you refuse $60 million offered to you?

“Make him an offer he can’t refuse” is the best-known line from The Godfather, the book and the film. But what made Jeffrey Van Middlebrook, a polymath inventor in Silicon Valley, refuse $60 million offered to him? Middlebrook invented a way to sequester gas from waste combustion in his workshop. The system could worth millions, and

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HDFC launches ‘Indian Oil HDFC bank credit card’, 50-liter Petrol-Diesel will be available for free every year

Petrol and diesel prices in India are skyrocketing day by day. But if you will be given 50-liter petrol-diesel free, what would you say? Yes, it is absolutely right. HDFC has launched a special card in which the customer will be available for free 50 liters of petrol-diesel every year. Let’s have a look, how?

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Inflation will increase if India exits from GSP

Commerce, India Dr. Ravi Singh research head, Karvy said that the benefits we were getting in exporting our products in the US Market will not be further continued. They said after this step of Donald Trump, inflation will rise due to increasing the tax on the products we export to the USA. Due to this uncertainty,

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Why Oil price in India is Soaring high? 

While the burden of rising fuel has led to political posturing and threats of strikes by transport agencies across the country you would be surprised to know that there are price disparities in different states. To understand why oil price in India is higher than crude oil price increases in world markets, one would have

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