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Alibaba's new CEO
CEO NetworkEntrepreneursTechnology

Meet Alibaba’s New CEO: Who is Daniel Zhang and What Does This Mean for the Tech Giant?

As the Chinese e-commerce giant moves forward with its plan to split into six business units, Daniel Zhang, the company Alibaba’s new CEO and chairman, will step down from his roles. In December, Zhao took over as head of the cloud unit after it suffered its “longest major-scale failure” in over a decade. Eddie Yongming

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Richest temple in India
History & CultureIndia's Richest

Top 10 Richest Temple in India

Up until 2011, the Tirupati Temple held the record for being the costliest Hindu temple in the world and the richest temple in India. The Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, India, outperformed it in terms of wealth that year, though. This was owing to the temple’s secret rooms being unexpectedly discovered; these showed a

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Top Bloggers in India

Top 50 Bloggers in India | Famous Indian Bloggers

If you are a blogger or want an inspiration, check out these top bloggers in India. Blogging has experienced significant growth as a viable professional option in India over the past few years. Given the huge number of people who are already connected to the internet—nearly 5 billion—it has become a popular method for creating

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Richest City in India
Economic & FinanceIndia's RichestMarket OverviewState & Urban

Top 10 Richest City in India

A big accomplishment for the Indian economy was revealed by the office of India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on June 12, 2023. Wondering about the richest city in India? In 2023, India’s GDP reportedly achieved the astonishing total of $3.75 trillion, moving the country up to the fifth-largest economy in the world from tenth place.

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Richest Sportsman in the World
Sports & LeisureTop 50World's Richest

Top 50 Richest Sportsman in the World

The top 50 richest sportsman in the world have seen a significant increase in earnings this year. The players jointly earned an estimated $3.44 billion over the past 12 months before taxes and agent fees, a 16% increase from last year’s record of $2.97 billion, with a cut-off mark of $45.2 million, up 20% from

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Richest Actor in India
BollywoodCelebrity VoiceIndia's RichestMedia & EntertainmentTop 50

Top 50 Richest Actor in India

A whopping 190 billion rupees are made at the box office each year in India thanks to the production of more than 1500 films each year in different languages. This article lists the top 50 richest actor in India, both current and former, who have not only enjoyed success in movies but have also attained

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Richest Person in China
China's RichestTop 50Wealth ManagementWorld's BillionairesWorld's Richest

Top 50 Richest Person in China | China Billionaires List

Since Forbes started keeping track of the nation’s rich list more than 20 years ago, the economic, political, and social issues encountered by mainland China have caused the most dramatic drop in the fortunes of its wealthiest citizens. Here is the list of the richest person in China. In comparison to the previous year, the

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Richest Person in Singapore
Economic & FinancePhilanthropesSingapore's RichestTop 50World's BillionairesWorld's Richest

Top 50 Richest Person in Singapore | Singapore’s Richest 2023

Richest person in Singapore has been changing because of its reputation as a safe place to be during the pandemic. The wealthiest individual in Singapore as of January 3, 2023, according to estimates, was Li Xiting, who had a net worth of $16.4 billion. Robert & Philip Ng, who were rated second with $15.2 billion,

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top richest musician in Nigeria
Celebrity VoiceMedia & EntertainmentWorld's Richest

Top 10 Richest Musician in Nigeria

Are you looking for top richest musician in Nigeria? You are at the right place! We will be focusing on the most popular Nigerian musicians within their diverse variety of musical abilities. Nigerian music enthusiasts are the world’s biggest music consumers, according to a report titled “Engaging with Music 2022” by the International Federation of

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most popular 50 women
Celebrity VoiceTop 50World's best Women Entrepreneurs

Top 50 Most Popular Women in the World

Women are now competing with males for the highest positions of achievement across many industries. As a result, the year 2023 boasts an impressive group of successful women (most popular 50 women) from various origins who are all bound by their significant impact on the world around them. With most popular 50 women in the

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