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Five Ancient Board Games that have originated from the sub-continent

It seems surreal to think that COVID-19 has been disrupting the lives of billions for more than a year now. What started as a small, unknown virus in China has quickly spread across the world, trapping people inside their homes. India has had to face the devastating effects of the virus having initiated another lockdown

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Top 10 Most Famous People of Egypt!

Do you know, who are the Famous People of Egypt? Although the Ancient Egyptian empire existed so long ago, its remarkable sophistication is still hard to comprehend. Nevertheless, the stories of the Ancient Egyptian pharaohs allow us to learn more about a fascinating civilization that lasted for over 3,000 years and had 170 pharaohs. Pharaohs

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How to Make Your House Diwali-ready this Year

Need some inspiration/easy tricks to help you Make Your House Diwali-ready this year?  Diwali is probably one of our favorite festivals and it’s almost here. As members of the millennial generation, we are suddenly incapable of preparing our homes for Diwali due to our over-paid jobs and busy lives. Getting our houses ready for family and friends can

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Statistical analysis of the Central Vista redevelopment project, a luxury or a necessity?

The Central Vista redevelopment project is an ambitious plan of the Government of India which aims to revamp the 3.2 km long Rajpath, build a new Parliament house, a common Secretariat building and a 1,000 small chambers for MPs, among other structures. A lot has already been written about the political aspect of the project.

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Festive Season in A Year of Transformation

The trend of the Indian festive season becoming the annual high point for housing sales originates from traditional sentiment. Simply put, it is considered a fortuitous time to invest in wealth-creating assets. While traditional sentiment is obviously still involved, it eventually ceased to be the most important driving factor behind housing traction. Sales in this

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Why many North Indians and Bengalis hate Gandhi and why they should stop

I have come across a few individuals who unequivocally believe Gandhi was the preeminent Indian leader whose efforts got us self governance. I have lived in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal and interacted with people from Rajasthan, Bihar, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. My observations will only be about people of these states. I find three

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Top 7 biggest presidential campaign mistakes

In the run-up to the next presidential primary season and caucus, it’s natural to reflect on biggest presidential campaign mistakes that set a template for today’s candidates. Some classics are easy to remember. This includes such as George McGovern’s 1972 nomination, Jimmy Carter’s 1976 nomination, and Ronald Reagan’s back-from-the-dead in 2008 campaign. The dozens of

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Unique Healthful Ganpati Poojan Performed in Hongkong

As an inspirational figure living and breathing the culture of India, Amigos, Young Millionaire Group of Hongkong, sets a rare example for society on Ganesh Chaturthi. They celebrated the Ganpati Poojan in a very healthy & eco-friendly way. They got two Ganesha idol made of White & Dark Chocolate, and after three days of sthapna,

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