Hang Seng TECH Index demand rise plunges China-Asian Market

China pledges support for economic stability, Asian market prospects brighten

The Hang Seng TECH Index (HSI.I) seems to be on the mend and has grown higher this Thursday morning by over 5%...
different types of home ownership

What are the Different Types of Home Ownership You Should Know!

Through 2019/20, it was estimated that there were 827,000 first-time buyers in England. This number had increased from 100,000 during the previous...
Property investors

End-users Vs. Investors – Who Are The Smarter Buyers?

It is often thought that people who buy homes for their personal use are not too interested in the property's potential to appreciate in...
Lapsed MahaRERA Registration of 388 Projects in 2021

Lapsed MahaRERA Registration of 388 Projects in 2021 Impacts 20,955 Units

MahaRERA registration no. of at least 19 commercial projects also ‘lapsed’ last year 388 lapsed residential projects comprise approx. 20,955 units - 52%...
SFB increases RD interest rates for 2-year recurring deposits

SFB increased RD interest rates for 2-year recurring deposits

One of the most refined SFB increased a 7.5% RD interest rate over 2-year recurring deposits. Moreover, this SFB has provided an extra .5% RD...
absorption of newly-launched units

MMR, NCR Saw Lowest Absorption of Newly-launched Units in 2021, Hyderabad Highest

Of 2.37 lakh units sold across the top 7 cities in 2021, over 34% were newly launched; in 2019, of approx. 2.61 lakh...
Indian women homeowners stakeholders

A Home of Her Own – Women Stake Their Claim as Homeowners

Indian women are no longer subjugated to 'traditions' that suppressed their freedom of choice in the past. Women all over the country, from various...
Property registrations in Mumbai 2021

Mumbai Registrations in Feb the Best Since the Pandemic – Even Without Sops

Mumbai, 7 March 2022 -  Property registrations in Mumbai, the country’s most prominent real estate market, attained a record in February 2022,...
Indian women homebuyer sentiments

41% Women Homebuyers in a Survey opt for 3BHK, 26% Buying for Investment

36% of participating women homebuyers prefer 2BHKs - a clear preference trend for bigger spaces 38% of women buyers want to buy homes...
Starter home forever home which is a best option

What Should You Choose – A Starter Home or Forever Home? [Best Advice]

Most of the data coming in from research houses and consultants indicate that home-buying sentiment in India has picked up tremendously over the last...

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