Hdfc mutual fund

Should You Invest in HDFC Mutual Fund?

There is always some level of risk in investment. The level of risk in mutual funds depends on the type of investment done. The...
Housing Model Tenancy Act Mumbai

How Pune Will Gain from Model Tenancy Act

The much-needed Model Tenancy Act has finally got the Cabinet's nod and thereby brings on a new era of regulation for rental...
SBI reveals names of 10 wilful defaulters

SBI reveals names of 10 new wilful defaulters, an outstanding debt 1500 Crores

State Bank of India (SBI) has released a list of 10 new wilful defaulters on Friday. This list includes many big companies of medicine,...
Model Tenancy Act for NRIs

Model Tenancy Act Brings Cheer to NRIs

The Union Cabinet’s approval for the Model Tenancy Act is being hailed as a landmark moment in Indian real estate. In one of the...
Maharashtra cabinet reduced premiums on real estate

Maha Cabinet approves 50% reduction in all premiums recovered from real estate sector

As per the Deepak Parekh committee, as on date there are as many as 22 premiums collected in Mumbai under various heads - including...
Union Budget 2021-22 for NRIs

How Union Budget 2021-22 Works for NRIs

In the whole debate about how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Indian economy – and what was expected from Union Budget 2021-22 to revive it...
Family Lawyer

Top Benefits of Finding a Reliable Family Lawyer

Guardianship cases can cause emotional pressure on both parents, especially if there is resentment between the parents. In this case, it may be challenging...
income tax provision announced in budget 2019

5 major changes in income tax provision announced in budget 2019

There were not so many changes in income tax provision as we were expecting in budget 2019. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman kept all the tax slab...
property tax calculation

How Property Taxes Are Calculated

Whether we like it or not, the fact is property tax is due for payment each year. When the bill arrives, the easiest thing...
Hong Kong issue in the G-20 Summit

China will not lift the G-20 summit, Hong Kong issue

Peaching, The issue of recent protests in Hong Kong will not allow China to participate in the meeting of the G-20 countries this week....

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