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Read About The Federal Investigation Into Tesla Vehicles

Technology has been a part of our existence since its inception. Different kinds of technology suited for small & large businesses or domestic use are readily available. Main industrial or domestic tasks operate at the push of a button or a voice command. Tesla Motors is a revolutionary company focused on making technology energy-efficient and

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How To Set Up An LLC In the US?

To Set Up An LLC can be one of the most important components of establishing your business. An LLC can protect your business from liability and can provide other benefits as well. The requirements for setting up an LLC differ greatly from state to state. These are some general guidelines of what you can expect

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The Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Disability Attorney

There are a number of things that you need to consider before you hire a disability attorney because you need to first figure out the status of your current claim, what you clearly understand about your disability and if you feel that you have the skills and knowledge to research the law and if you

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A step-by-step guide to starting a new CA firm

Are you thinking of starting a new CA firm? The ability to choose your own clients, providing services in your area of expertise and interest are a few reasons to start your own CPA firm. With so many CAs entering into practice, now is an excellent time for you to fulfill your aspirations of opening

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What are the conditions for pradhan mantri mudra yojana?

India  is one of the largest growing economies in the world. Despite a strong reliance on primary sectors, India is making massive strides in the secondary and tertiary sectors as well, and its large conglomerates as formidable engines of growth. However, a lot of India’s economic prosperity actually comes from its  MSMEs or Micro, Small

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Pre vs. Post DeMo – Black Money Deals Down 75-80%, Housing Sales Outstrip New Supply

In the pre-DeMo period (2013-Q3 2016), approx. 16.15 lakh housing units were launched across the top 7 cities; sales stood at approx. 11.78 lakh units In post-DeMo Q4 2016-Q3 2021, sales (approx. 10.37 lakh units) outstripped new launches (approx. 9.04 lakh units) Overall, new launches b/w two periods reduced by over 44% Black money (or

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New RBI Directive Causes Auto Payments to Bounce, Numerous Subscriptions and Online Services Suspended

After allowing a transitional period of over two years, the Reserve Bank of India finally started enforcing its directive on recurring and automatic payments. Customers of some of the leading digital companies operating in Bharat immediately faced declined transactions resulting in the suspension of subscription services and various account features. Apple, Sony, Paypal and Zoom

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A Court Reporter Shortage: Critical Field Faces Lack of New Recruits

The shortage of court reporters in the United States is steadily becoming a nationwide concern. And with an ever-increasing dropout rate happening in training centers, the American justice system faces a bottleneck in its legal proceedings. Many court reporting agencies say that one way to bridge this widening gap is to better leverage technology and

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5 Services You Need for Your Startup

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, not many achievements can come close to launching your own startup. In addition to cementing your reputation as a business owner, the step also turns your abstract idea into a tangible venture. Besides letting you provide your aspired services to the world, it also opens countless doors for growth

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All About Import Export Code Licence in India

While most of the goods can be freely imported, there are some items that are prohibited under India’s Exim Policy (2007), as well as items that are subject to conditional import. Such a situation also makes it imperative for the importer to obtain an import license from the issuing authorities. Issuing Authority for Import Licenses

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