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Business update: Japan to leverage coronavirus in businesses

Previous Japan experienced a record high of foreign visitors, up from 8.61 million in 2010 and 31.88 million in the previous year. Japan has been given successful international events at Osaka and the G20 summits such as the Rugby World Cup, Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and Paralympics which record the highest number of foreign visitors. Japan postponed […]

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India witnessed 20% increase in wealth among super-rich during Covid

India’s super-rich personalities have increased their wealth by 20% during Kovid-19, more than double the net market capitalization of all listed companies. This is the fastest increase in net market capitalization of all listed companies. The number of people with more than 1000 crores in IIFL’s money barrier list has increased from 8 to 828 in 2020. […]

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What’s in Store for Credit Card Payments in the World of Tomorrow

In this day and age, there are many payment options out there that are widely accepted across the globe. Of course, credit card payments are one of them. Lots of people prefer plastic when it comes to paying in stores or online. What’s more, credit and debit cards are highly convenient. Especially now, during these […]

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Lockdown: Why are people shifting from credit cards to debit cards?

During this pandemic, there has been a change in expenses from credit cards to the debit card. Indians are getting back on alternative purchases and other things went digital while paying for any need and want. According to the RBI, credit card usage has come down by 36%. The average spending per credit card was around 12000 […]

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These firms raised Rs. 3 lakh crores to their market capitalisation last week

Out of the 10 most valuable firms, four Indian companies added Rs 301847.99 crore to their market. Reliance Industry is more than Rs. 15 lakh crore in market valuation. RIL Company, the country’s most valuable company, added Rs 251067.2 crore to its market valuation, which stood at 1568015.09 crores on Friday. Shares of a Reliance company that […]

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Gold sets for bigger return in Covid 19: An Analysis

Old is Gold- here goes the saying. The economic, social, and financial fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic will almost certainly continue for a prolonged period. The economic situation has seen a drastic and a lot of people have suffered a loss of job. Now it is not possible for any of us to commit if […]

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Will the Real Estate sector revive after Covid19?

It is perceived that the real estate business can be a major driver for reviving the economy in the post-COVID world. Mushrooming urban slums and the exodus of migrant workers during the two-month lockdown period highlight the failure of urban planning in India. However, reports prove for the probability of the real estate revive after […]

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Will India has to face combined Military power of China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka on being war flared up with China?

The clouds of war on Indo-China border in Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh have been cleared off now after a visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited there as Chinese forces are said to have moved that from the occupied area in Galwan. But the dispute in Galwan Valley between the two neighboring countries […]

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Travel will not be the same, at least for one year – Here’s what small companies are saying

The world is still trying to defeat a novel virus, India too has been affected by a big chunk of the Coronavirus(also China), making each individual and business working towards and preparing for a world where Coronavirus is the in-disease. The travel industry is definitely facing a hard time considering the fact that a person […]

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2020: Predictions and Questions in The World of Investors

Following the world’s lockdown in the COVID-19 pandemic, the market is set to begin once. There is much to consider for 2020 if you are thinking about where to invest, the markets are changing, as they do. Many of the giants in their respective industries, while sound and good investments are already reporting a mixed […]

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