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World’s top companies list: Infosys at top 3

According to Forbes’s recent list, India’s 18 companies included in the world’s top companies list. Infosys became the world’s top third best company, earlier it was at 31st number. Top 3 companies in the world Indian IT company Infosys has been included in the list of top 3 respected companies in the world. However, American […]

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Clothes & Apparels Fashion Market Overview Retail

International clothing brand ‘Forever 21’ going to close in these countries

International clothing brand ‘Forever 21’ is a hot spot for low-priced fashion for teenagers, it has been filed for (Chapter 11) bankruptcy protection. In this context, the company stated that it “plans to exit most international locations in Europe and Asia”. The company will file for the closure of 178 retail stores among more than […]

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Auto Sector Slowdown? Lamborghini sells an SUV car worth 3 crore every week.

New Delhi: At a time when the Indian auto sector is in its worst state for the first time in history, the super-luxury auto market is on the upswing. Last year, Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini sold an SUV car worth Rs 3 crore every week. Sharad Aggarwal, head of the Indian brand, said that […]

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List of the top 10 immigrant countries in the world: India at the top

United State: The population of Indian immigrants is the highest in the list of the top 10 immigrant countries in the world for reasons of jobs or occupation. According to the latest report of the united nation, 1.75 crores Indians have settled abroad in various countries. In 2019, India topped the list of comprehensive immigrants according […]

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Apple moves to India a huge signal for foreign investment: FM

New Delhi: Any move by American electronics giant Apple and India’s ecosystem will set a big signal for foreign companies coming from China to India. Financial Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Sunday. Apple moves to India is a big signal for foreign companies investing in India after an attractive tax rate, which the finance ministry […]

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China’s economic growth slips to 17-year low in August

The world economy is at a crisis due to the US-China trade war. Not only America and China were affected by this trade but other countries were also affected. But it has had a major impact on China’s economy. This trade war brought China’s economic growth to a 17-year low of 4.4% in August. July […]

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With 10 Unicorn, Delhi-NCR tops the list of startups

As we know that Delhi is the center of India and is also considered as the hub of many startups, small and big companies. Delhi-NCR is known as the fastest-growing city in the country, hosting more than 7000 (Delhi-NCR Startup) including 10 big players such as Paytm, Jomato, and Oyo, according to the Zinnov report.   […]

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Ecommerce Economic & Finance Market Overview

China’s Alibaba enter into Indian E-commerce Market

China’s Alibaba group has been working on a plan to enter the country’s E-commerce business sector through its subsidiary UCWeb. The senior employee of the company has revealed this information on Thursday that the business could be started in this current financial year. UCWeb Vice President (Global Business) stated that the company’s entry into commerce […]

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How an Indian EdTech Startup ‘Byju’ reached to 5.5 Billion Dollar

Byju founder Ravindran could be the future of education for teenagers in India. His vision to pass the teenager of 11th and 12th in his examination. He offers 11th and 12th exam tutorials on his online Edtech tutoring app. His journey began in 2006, when he started an online education technology business. From the outset […]

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Govt to announce two big steps to boost industry, Finance Ministry said

To increase the consumption need in the market the centre will announce two big steps in coming days to give momentum to the industry said Union Finance Ministry ‘Nirmala Sitharaman’ on Thursday. She said in a press conference that the government planned to increase spending and announced measures to curb sluggishness in the automobile industry. […]

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