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Top 10 Financial Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Almost anyone who owns a business will tell you they are constantly worried of Financial Mistakes. It can be time-consuming to manage operations, employees, vendors, and financial issues, let alone other matters.  When it comes to financial health, there are so many things to consider – whether you’re just starting out or have been in […]

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Guide on How to Calculate expected portfolio return

What is the Expected Return or Expected Portfolio Return? Taking the probability distribution of the possible returns an investment can generate into account, investors can estimate the expected return on their investments. A variable with an unknown value will have different probabilities depending on its value. Calculate the expected return by multiplying the potential outcomes […]

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Top 10 Books About the Hedging Fund Industry you can read

Hedge funds are part of more and more people’s personal financial portfolios. Nevertheless, the name of a hedge fund is simply an investment partnership that uses a fancy name. Limited partners invest their money in a pool of money that is controlled by a fund manager.  Despite their dated appearance, books still serve as an […]

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How to Start Monetizing from YouTube

Self-made celebrities today are YouTubers – people who have earned an audience by creating educational, entertaining, and entertaining content. Almost all of these small-screen celebrities make movies and shows just so they can fulfill their itch to be creative and in front of the camera. If you start a YouTube channel for no other reason […]

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How to build an Emergency Fund and Why it matters? A step by step guide

We’ve learned from this pandemic outbreak that emergencies can happen at any time, and the only thing we can do is be ready and prepared for them. Emergencies, including natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, health conditions that force you to miss work, and economic downturns that cause job losses and salary cuts, aren’t in your […]

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10 Greatest Get-Rich-Quick Schemes to Avoid

Making money from home is appealing to everyone. Who wants to commute for an hour one way to a job in a major city? It depends on the area; some states have more job opportunities in this area than in others. The idea of spending more money on gas makes most people uncomfortable. At the […]

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Top 10 New Money Making Habits of Millennials in 2022

It is the most privileged generation ever in terms of having access to avenues for managing and earning money. Through the click of a few buttons, or within a few minutes, they can now invest, save, spend, and do many other things. However, every new financial privilege comes with its own set of financial needs […]

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Top 10 Chit Fund Mobile Apps You Must Know About

A chit fund is an age-old rotational savings scheme which is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent for decades. It is a very effective community-led saving and borrowing instrument that yields good returns on investment and provides easy access to funds during an emergency situation or otherwise.  There are various kinds of chit funds. Registered […]

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Top 10 Best Mortgage Refinance Companies of 2021

As you continue to live in your existing home, Mortgage Refinance Companies will help you negotiate a new mortgage contract. A lender may grant you a lower rate or more time to pay off your old mortgage and give you cashback as credit for the equity you already paid into your old mortgage instead of […]

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Top 10 Best Personal Finance Blogs in India

Once Make in India has caught up, financial blogs in India are on an upswing. In the results of analysis we have compiled the list of “Top 10 – Best Personal Finance Blogs in India 2021” who are spreading the knowledge of finance and making people aware of financial planning and how to manage their […]

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