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The Pros And Cons Of Buying Vs. Renting A Home

Many dreams of owning, but buying or renting is a tough decision you have to make as they involve your lifestyle, financial health, and self-goals. Your choice depends on your financial status and lifestyle. This kind of decision needs time and much thought. Weigh your options before you decide, as buying and renting require consistent

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Why is a Personal Loan Preferred Over Other Types Of Loans?

Until a few years ago, people used to borrow money from family and friends when they needed extra funds for various expenses. However, times have changed, and millennials now prefer securing instant Personal Loan to support their affluent lifestyle. With increased financial knowledge and repayment capacity, they often opt for a loan instead. Besides these

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Refinancing Your Home Loan: How To Reduce Your Monthly EMI Payments

Most banks have raised their home loan interest rates after RBI raised its repo rate by 25 basis points two weeks ago. The RBI raised the repo rate by 250 basis points between May 2022 and February 2023. The banks have transmitted almost all of the rate hikes or will do so soon. It means

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Why should senior citizens invest in fixed deposits?

After retirement, the regular flow of income stops, and it impacts an individual’s financial health. Investing in fixed deposits is a great option for senior citizens to secure their future. It is important to minimise risks and ensure a guaranteed return when it comes to investment for older people. In old age, you cannot take

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How To Manage Your Credit Card E-statements?

A credit card statement is an essential document for credit cardholders. The primary purpose of this document is to provide a detailed summary of all the transactions associated with the respective credit card. It includes the purchases and payments made by the credit cardholder. Additionally, it acts as a fall-back document in case of a

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What should women consider before they buy their first home?

Women today have become financially independent and have been making informed financial decisions. What is even more striking is the way they have been owning and managing small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures which has got them exposed to many financial instruments and buying capacities in the lending landscape. Buying a home is the most important

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Buying Silver Bars: 5 Tips for Ensuring a Savvy Purchase

Are you thinking about buying silver bars? The beauty of silver, though, is that it’s often presented in an equally beautiful form — like the silver bars many investors like to buy and stack in their safety deposit boxes. Silver bars are one of the best ways to grow your investment substantially. Though gold is

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Alternate Investments to Look For Investing This Diwali

As the much-awaited festive season kicks in, Diwali is considered one of the auspicious occasions for investments. People look for money-saving instruments to make alternate investments and get stable returns. In today’s world, new-age investors are moving away from traditional investment categories like Gold, Fixed deposits, Public provident fund etc. and looking for more innovative

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Top 10 wealth management trends to watch in 2022

Wealth managers have embraced shifting client demands during the pandemic, prioritizing digital engagement and hyper-personalization preferences to provide comprehensive advice and capture asset growth across the wealth spectrum.  In 2022, firms will compete on the next wave of growth within products, including digital assets, ESG, and custom indexing; client segments involving emerging High-Net-Worth investors and

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How to Get an Instant Personal Loan Without CIBIL Score

An individual’s credit score is crucial to get an instant Personal Loan approved quickly without hassles or CIBIL Score. However, some individuals in India may assume that CIBIL score and credit score are the same.  A good credit score is a parameter you need to satisfy to meet the eligibility criteria for a loan. But,

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