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2021: Gautam Adani weekly wealth addition of Rs 6,000cr

2021 made Ahemdabad based businessman Gautam Adani the 12th richest man globally.  Presently, Mr. Adani’s Net worth is at $81 billion. After all, earning Rs 6000 crore every week makes Gautam Adani the wealthiest man in the world.  Moreover, 2021 took Gautam Adani’s wealth to another scale of nearly $50 billion.  Interestingly, Gautam Adani more

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1% increase in household spending seen since February

In February, a 1% increase in household spending means the increase was for 54% of families across urban and rural India.  According to findings released on Tuesday of a monthly CSI survey by Axis My India, fewer families increased spending on discretionary items in February.  Pocket-sized increase in overall household spending A pocket-sized consumption increased

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Equity gains in FY20 earned by revenues of ₹50 lakh or more

On Monday, Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj said, most of the long-term capital gains from equities in FY20 came from people earning ₹50 lakh and more.  Furthermore, he said the Finance Act of 2018 on long-term capital gain has served as a fair tax.  Long term capital gains from equities in FY20 Long-term equity gains are

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Everything you need to know about Smallcase Investment and why should you invest in it

The term ‘smallcase’ is gaining popularity among digitally savvy investors. As such, Smallcase Investment may be compared to portfolio management services (PMS) for retail investors, where there is no such high entry barrier as the Rs 50 lakh investment fee that PMS charges. Smallcase: What is it? Retail investors should take note of the exciting

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Is salary sacrifice a good idea for purchasing a car?

That’s a question many people ask themselves and it is not always an easy one to answer. Here we will take a look at salary sacrifice, what it means and whether or not you should use it. If you don’t know what salary sacrifice is, the basic idea of it is that instead of buying

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How to Save Money and be Financially Independent in 2022

Do you want to be Financially Independent in 2022? Financial independence means giving yourself the freedom to be free financially. However, it requires a healthy balance of both saving and investing money. What Are the Best Ways to Save Money? Financial independence is an answer to this question. Financial independence means more than just having

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Millennials guide to buying a house in your 20s

Buying a house in your 20s might seem impossible when you’re in your 20s. Recent graduates may have student loan debt and are working on an entry-level wage without any hope of a raise. Millennials have purchased homes, even though it may seem intimidating. The millennial generation is now the single biggest group of homebuyers

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How to choose the Best SIP to Invest for yourself

Investing in systematic investment plans (SIPs) can be confusing. A lot of new investors are wary of them, but even seasoned investors have trouble getting their SIP strategy right. Before we begin analyzing how to choose the best SIP, let’s first clarify what SIP actually means. Decoding SIP Investing in mutual funds, which invest in

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What are the conditions for pradhan mantri mudra yojana?

India  is one of the largest growing economies in the world. Despite a strong reliance on primary sectors, India is making massive strides in the secondary and tertiary sectors as well, and its large conglomerates as formidable engines of growth. However, a lot of India’s economic prosperity actually comes from its  MSMEs or Micro, Small

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