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The Advantages of Demat Accounts for Seamless Stock Trading

In the dynamic realm of stock trading, investors are always on the lookout for efficiency and convenience to make the most of market opportunities. In this quest, the Demat accounts have emerged as a true game-changer, completely transforming the way we trade and manage securities. Open a demat account, and investors will gain access to

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2 Best Gaming Stocks Expected to Ride the Wave

Experts believe that global video game market size has been pegged at USD195.65 billion in 2021, and this market should be able to compound at 12.9% between 2022 – 2030. Growth momentum in technology and strong innovation in both hardware and software should provide the much-needed support to this market over the projected period. Proliferation

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3 Cybersecurity stocks which can match up cybersecurity industry’s growth

Looking for Cybersecurity stocks for investment? Experts believe that size of global cybersecurity market was pegged at USD202.72 billion in 2022 and this industry is expected to compound at 12.3% over 2023 – 2030. Growth of market is expected to stem from higher number of cyber-attacks as a result of emergence of e-commerce platforms, increased usage of cloud solutions,

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Meta Platforms beats street expectations, yet investors remained concerned: Why?

Investors were able to lap up strong gains on the shares of Meta Platforms, Inc. this year as the stock has gone up by ~149.10% on YTD basis. At the time of earnings release, the company announced that it saw a good quarter. The company saw strong engagement throughout its apps and it has the

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US credit rating downgrade: How this has impacted stock market?

The US market saw a significant fall on 2 August 2023 post the recent downgrade of US debt. The downgrade was seen from the highest AAA rating to AA+ by rating company, Fitch. A major reason given by the US credit rating agency was “a steady deterioration in standards of governance.” After this announcement, there

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US Stocks Plunge as Tech Giant Sells Off

On Friday, US stocks finished lower after giving up earlier gains, capping a week of losses.Stocks of Apple and Amazon tumbled after Apple reported quarterly revenue declines. The Labor Department’s July jobs report showed payrolls rose by 187,000, below expectations, but wages increased faster than expected, adding pressure on the Federal Reserve. In the past

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3 Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Buy Right Now

As per the experts, the artificial intelligence market size has been pegged at USD 136.55 billion in 2022. This is expected to compound at 37.3% over 2023 to 2030. The rigorous research and innovation done by the tech majors are increasing the adoption of advanced technologies across several industry verticals including automotive, healthcare, retail, finance,

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Why are these undervalued stocks trading higher?

Retail investors always look for some undervalued, unknown and emerging stocks. Retail traders have several methods which can help them uncover new information. Just to let the readers know, an undervalued stock is when the stock price falls to an amount which might be better valued than what the equity market gives it the credit

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How This Small Stock is Eyeing the Big Leagues with a Robust Orderbook in Hand

Founded in 2008, PSP Projects has started making waves recently by bidding on high-value projects in new areas, including railways. Construction and allied services company with a focus on industrial, institutional, government, and residential projects. This small Stock have risen 26% in one year, and 14% in three months. In a report by ICICI Direct

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One Warren Buffett investment in beverage company having economic moat

Warren Buffett, a name that needs no introduction in the investing world, has remain invested in several stocks in his career as investor. However, this one stock has been able to deliver strong returns and is a testament that equities have the potential to deliver strong returns over the long term.  Mr. Buffett is the

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