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Top 4 Stocks to Watch out for on May 16

Looking to make some money in the stock market this month? Here are four stocks that you need to watch on May 16. Tech Mahindra  One stock that is expected to see a lot of action in May is Tech Mahindra. The company has announced its first quarter results on May 13 – Tech Mahindra […]

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Advisor Network Economic & Finance Market Overview Stocks & Funds

How To Invest During A Stock Market Crash: Top Wall Street Experts’ Advice

While the stock market is one of the fastest-growing moneymakers in the world, it has also brought on some scary moments in history. In addition to personal investments, many often turn to investors for help and advice. So what does it take to invest money during a stock market crash? US investors are concerned about […]

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Meta Makes First Investment in Asian Market With a $3M Seed Round for Ami

Tech giant Meta is making its first investment in Asia in a startup called Ami. Using WhatsApp as its platform, Ami is using the power of mental health to help people across Asia. Meta owns WhatsApp and has invested in several startups with similar philosophies. The three investment companies include Ami, thoughtful, Intellect, and Wysa. […]

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Korea’s 50 richest’s wealth dips to $130 billion

South Korea’s stock was Asia’s second-worst performer after Hong Kong in the past twelve months.  As a result, Korea’s 50 richest’s combined wealth dipped to $130 billion from last year’s $156 billion.  However, in 2021, South Korea’s export-led economy soared by 4%.  Furthermore, for the first time in a decade, none of Korea’s 50 richest […]

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How to hedge risk in Singaporean forex trading?

In Singapore, forex trading is a popular investment activity. However, it also carries a certain amount of risk. Here are some tips on how to hedge your bets in Singaporean forex trading to minimise that risk. What is hedging? Hedging is a technique used to protect an investment or a position from potential losses by […]

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China eases energy controls, but glimmer of hope in Chinese industrial metal stocks fades as Shanghai goes into lockdown

China’s city-wide lockdown of Shanghai caused the Chinese stock markets to fall by 2% Premier Li Keqiang called on the country to develop its innovative capabilities China eases annual energy restrictions and is expected to see an upward trend in industrial metals and coal production China is the world’s top steel producer and consumer, with […]

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Inflation impact on the salaried class, economy, and investors

​​In March 2022, retail inflation soared to 6.95%.  The Consumer Price Index is way above the RBI’s inflation target of 4% (+-2%).  However, Mint analyses the inflation impact on the salaried class, economy, and investors.  Inflation numbers in 2022 Compared to a 6.07% inflation in February 2022, it soared to 6.95% in March 2022.  The […]

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Three reasons the economy could slow down unexpectedly

The 2020 recession generated the highest inflation since the 1970s.  However, the 2020 recession was the shortest.  Furthermore, the recovery was the fastest since the 19080s.  As the economy reopens amid disruptions caused by the pandemic, the next phase of the economy could slow down unexpectedly.  What are the three reasons that could slow down […]

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Steel stocks recover, demand-supply favor Indian companies

Steel stocks have witnessed a strong recovery since the lows of February.  Furthermore, the balance in demand and supply has favored Indian companies.  Additionally, dipping coking coal prices and rising domestic steel prices lay the ground for profits for Indian steel manufacturers.  Moreover, the depleting geopolitical crisis reduced European steel supplies from Ukraine and Russia.  […]

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Protect your investments from hyper-inflation and market turmoil with more advanced tactics

With the worsening humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, international sanctions against Russia, ongoing conflict in the Middle East, and long Covid in China, market performance is more unpredictable than ever before. Thus, it is vital that investors understand the magnitude of the risks they are taking and become familiar with ways to potentially mitigate losses. One […]

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