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 Adani Port Plans to Raised funds from Global Investors

Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone plans to raise $500 million through a foreign bond issue. It caters to global investors over a period of 6 months. The Adani company has hired about half a dozen international banks to wind down the proposals. The Adani Group is raising funds to increase liquidity in global markets.

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India’s best-performing stock is seeing a wave of optimistic calls

Despite Covid19, there are many stocks in the market that are growing rapidly. According to the recently published report, several business tycoons were recently added to the billionaire club and many of them made were added in to the list of top 10 richest person in India. A recent example of Adani Group Chairman Gautam

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Financial Planning Advice for Young Adults of Early 30s

To achieve a steady income by the early 30s is a significant achievement in life. Smart methods are important for your expenses in the early 30s, later it is better to regret it. Therefore, financial planning in your early 30s is more important, not only for your early 30s life but also after that. That’s

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Importance of KYC while Opening a Demat Account Online

A trader cannot wish to enjoy the benefits and perks of investing in the Indian stock market without opening the Demat and trading accounts. The significance of both these accounts goes beyond what the general people realise until they enter the market. The link of a savings account, trading account and a Demat account can

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India has now been added to the currency manipulation watch list by the US

The US Treasury Department adds India to the watch list of currency manipulators. Now India allows the exchange rate to be shifted to reflect the economic fundamental. India is allowed by the US to monitor exchange rates. The Treasury Department of the US has allowed India in the watch list which is branded as a currency manipulator. America’s

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Seven Indian billionaires added $64 billion to their wealth this year

Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, when the world economy is down, there are some stocks that have actually performed well beyond our expectations this year. Among them, we are listing seven Indian billionaires whose shares added $64 billion to their wealth during this year. Here is the list of Indian billionaires 1. Gautam Adani Gautam Adani

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Resurgent Housing – Regaining Sheen for Investors?

Residential real estate has been primarily driven by end-users over the past two years. Previously, investors accounted about 20% of the overall buying activity. Now, with the returning vitality in the housing market, the stage is set for investors to get active again. Evaluating residential real estate makes a lot of sense amidst the volatility in other

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Top 10 Best Stock Brokers in India to Follow in 2020

The Indian stock market is a vast and vivid market with a wide range of products. It is always exceedingly difficult and cumbersome to choose the right investment mechanism to grow our money. But once we have chosen an investment option it is even tougher to choose the right broker or mediator to make the

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Should You Invest in HDFC Mutual Fund?

There is always some level of risk in investment. The level of risk in mutual funds depends on the type of investment done. The higher the risk, the higher the. Because of the higher risk in some specialty mutual funds, investors are often confused about which mutual funds they should invest in. Currently, HDFC is

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Is Amazon Stock A Buy Right Now? Here’s What Earnings Charts Show

Amazon stock recently rebounded in the wake of its third-quarter report, which featured a mix of good and bad news for the e-commerce giant. As the shares trade around 13% below their 52-week high, is Amazon stock a buy? Amazon stock analysis Fundamental analysis of Amazon stock is a key component of determining whether it’s

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