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Your job might be at risk if you are working in any of these roles

In today’s news, layoffs are common. The reasons are many, but employee performance is always at the forefront. And that’s the definition of layoff too – the act of terminating a worker’s employment, sometimes temporarily, usually due to a lack of work, the employees job are always at risk. Due to the pandemic, start-ups raised […]

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Forbes names TCS one of America’s Best Large Employers

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been named to Forbes’ annual list of “America’s Best Large Employers” for 2017. An independent survey of 45,000 employees at American companies with more than 1,000 employees led to this recognition. Suresh Muthuswami, Chairman, TCS North America, said the company strives to provide an employee-friendly workplace that fosters innovation and […]

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Since pre-pandemic, demand for call centers and remote customer service jobs has skyrocketed: Indeed

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the growing impact that customer experience has, as seen by the massive rise in search for call centre and remote customer service jobs since pre-pandemic times. Indeed data indicates a 498.40 per cent growth in job postings and an impressive jump in jobseeker engagement between January 2020 and 2021. […]

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Essential Tips to Write Good Poetry

Do you believe you have an inner poet who wants to share their poetry with the world? If the answer is yes, we have some fundamental tips for you to help you start writing poetry. Without further ado – let us begin! Become a Poetry Reader If you want to be good at something, you […]

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How to deal with Board exam anxiety?

Choose many ways to relax and prepare well for the Test! Life goes on and on. So, why sit and mourn before a Board Exam and be anxious? Be on your own. Do what is in your control! Leave things that are out of control! Relax between studies and never ever worry! Exam anxiety is […]

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How to be strong at board exam?

If you feel good about studying, then you will naturally be confident while facing exams, as you are well prepared for the same. Be responsible for what you are, then see the magic everywhere!

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10 Top-Notch Tips To Crack UPSC Exam

Time management skills are what set successful IAS candidates apart. When preparing for the UPSC exam test as well as during it, practice time management and productive use of your time. How much area you traverse is extremely easily lost to track and how much is remaining because the IAS preparation step may take months. […]

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Why You Really Need (A) CISSP Course?

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional is a world-renowned certification for IT security professionals. Enrolling in the CISSP course from a reputed institute will ensure that you develop technical and managerial knowledge to efficiently look after the security posture of your organization. Keep scrolling till the end to gather as much information as possible about […]

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Why Do You Need To Renew Your Professional Scrum Master Certification?

A form of certification program called Professional Scrum Master helps managers of teams or organizations improve their servant leadership skills. Many reputable firms place a strong emphasis on ingraining this talent through PSM and other comparable certifications because Scrum professionals are known for the organization’s efficient work. A PSM is renowned for quickly creating and delivering products […]

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What’s The Impact Of Singapore Tech Layoffs On Indians?

India is booming as a technology hub, but there are growing concerns about how tech layoffs in Singapore may affect that. Facebook is downsizing, and as a result, 13% of their employees are getting laid off. The decision comes following up on initial results that show Facebook’s advertising revenue declining. Although the Asia-Pacific headquarters was […]

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