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How HR can play a pivotal role to prevent discrimination and harassment in workplace

The Human Resource Department in any company or organization is as valuable as any other. Their role in maintaining a healthy and conducive work environment is one of the main reason a company flourishes. Failing to do so would lead to a lot of discomfort and tension at work which would automatically lead to a […]

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5 Methods of Performance Appraisal for Employees

The end of a financial year marks the time when the management sits in a conference room to discuss your performance appraisal. Not only your data throughout the year is accumulated but also the words of mouth from your subordinates and peers are considered. Similarly, you are also asked about the performance of your colleagues […]

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5 Factors that will Define the Future of HR in the Coming Years

The Future of HR will be Decided By the Way of Hiring People. Image Source: Information technology is a revolutionary revelation in our personal and professional life. It has brought a transformation in the way the businesses are conducted. Business organizations, irrespective of size and type, can now explore the new-age technology to go […]

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10 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneur to Stay Positive while Chasing your Dreams

Photo Credit: Pexels. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task. When you have decided to start your own business venture, it is almost like having a baby for the first time who is going to require almost half of your time as well as investment. It is one of the best experiences to […]

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10 Reasons Why You need to be Transparent with your Employees

The economy is on the rise but the employees of your organization fail to recognize the positive effects of the same. In fact, they feel distracted and anxious, which directly affects their productivity, sabotaging the comprehensive performance of your firm. Thus, It is more necessary to be transparent with your employees. How to boost their […]

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