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Easiest way to increase your worth by 50% – Mr. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is a well known personality in the world, he is a great investor and billionaire. He is a role model for many youngsters who want to achieve their goals. He has many suggestions for the youth that focus on learning, how to speak etc. Buffet shared his suggestions to increase your worth by 50%

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Meet Roshni Nadar Malhotra: Richest Woman in India | List of Top Wealthiest Women

Roshni Nadar is the richest woman in India. She tops the list of wealthiest women in 2020. She is the head of HCL technologies. Roshni Nadar Malhotra is the head of HCL Technologies. She tops the list of wealthiest women in India. She is the richest woman in India. She made herself is the wealthiest woman among the

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List of top donation givers in India 2020, Azim Premji is the leading one

We have seen many donating divers in India, but here is the list of the top 6 charity donors in India whose donations are estimated to be around Rs 10,000 crores this year 2020. And, the amazing fact is that 7904 crores of donation given by only Azim Premji, the chairman of the Wipro IT

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Anil Narendra a renowned Journalist deserves for Padma Vibhushan

“Daily Pratap” National Urdu Daily, “Veer Arjun” National Hindi Daily, “Sandhya Veer Arjun” National Eveninger are the three newspapers that have been serving the society for a long time. Now Mr. Anil Narendra is the group Editor of the three newspapers. What he has written has an impact on society. Mr. Anil Narendra has a

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Vito Glazers: A successful influencer marketer on the Internet

Finding the right influencer is essential for your market positioning and campaign success. It’s no secret that the easy days of TV to shelf marketing are long gone. Consumers of today are smart, savvy and connected shoppers — they have a plethora of choices available to them. Due to this, marketers have had to enhance

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How an Indian EdTech Startup ‘Byju’ reached to 5.5 Billion Dollar

Byju founder Ravindran could be the future of education for teenagers in India. His vision to pass the teenager of 11th and 12th in his examination. He offers 11th and 12th exam tutorials on his online Edtech tutoring app. His journey began in 2006, when he started an online education technology business. From the outset

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