car rental companies in india

Top 10 Self-driving car rental companies in India

India is one of the most versatile and beautiful countries on the entire globe. This is a perfect place for traveling because...
Keto Diet Meal Plan: Healthy meat and vegetables

The Keto Diet Meal Plan for 1 Week

Back in the '20s, about a century ago, when computers and hip-hop culture was a thing of present-day imagination, a young doctor came up...
Keto-Friendly Foods

Top 10 Keto Friendly Foods you can cook at home

Ketosis is a diet with a high fat and moderate protein content that is very low in carbs. The diet recommends eating...
betting app

How to create your own betting app?

Two things that have become very popular in the last few years are betting and apps. A lot of people bet on big sports...
top largest malls in India

Top 10 Largest Malls in India Everyone Should Visit Once 

Indian shoppers have now moved from the open market to sophisticated and air-conditioned malls. The retail sector of India has evolved to embrace shopping...
Metal braces or invisible braces

Know The Difference: Metal Braces v/s Invisible Braces

If you’re someone facing the troubles of crooked or misaligned teeth, you must be considering the various options for braces. There are...
Luxury Hotels in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Hotels in the World

I think we can all agree that we all daydream about vacations in places like Miami, Dubai, and the Maldives sitting in...
Galaxshe women imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome among women is more common than you think

“Women need to get out of the imposter syndrome. They should not look down on networking. They need a club to champion them.”  This...
plastic surgery in lockdown

Why plastic surgery demand is increasing in lockdown?

In this lockdown period, most people do their work through video calls from their homes. This is the sight of our own faces. It is quite...
beer industry India overview

UP government cuts excise duty to increase beer sales

Indian state governments have come up with new norms of excise policies. The objective of the State Government to recover loss of revenue due to...

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