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International clothing brand ‘Forever 21’ going to close in these countries

International clothing brand ‘Forever 21’ is a hot spot for low-priced fashion for teenagers, it has been filed for (Chapter 11) bankruptcy protection. In this context, the company stated that it “plans to exit most international locations in Europe and Asia”. The company will file for the closure of 178 retail stores among more than […]

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Top 10 Fashion Designers in India who have a major hand in carving

The times when people slipped into a casual dress to go to their office and preferred the same attire to a party are long gone. A fashionable era has emerged and has taken over a major portion of society.  People are now aware of the top brands that were previously restricted to foreign countries. In […]

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Top 10 fashion bloggers of 2020

Blogging is one of the largest trends that has caught up with time. People are blogging about each and everything and have quite a following as well. One aspect of blogging that is hugely popular is fashion blogging. Fashion bloggers put up content discussing the different styles and fashions and how to stay in vogue. […]

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10 things men wear that attract a woman

Since ages, both men and women have gone through the urge of looking good and attracting the opposite sex towards them. Though attract a woman is quite underrated as compared to attract a man. It seems women seem to make a much conscious and sincere effort in order to attract men towards them and they […]

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Best Workout Clothes for Men

It is not the prerogative of only the ladies to look presentable and comfortable at their workout; men too need a set of comfort-giving, functional and impressive workout clothes. How else can a man impress as well as perform well at the gym? The best workout clothes for men hence, fulfill the twin purposes of […]

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