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Top 4 Decor Brands that are Modernizing the Home Decor Space with their Eccentric Products

There have been numerous advances in the home décor market, from technology that allows people to bathe in colors to minimalist furniture with a rustic vibe. Home décor trends have changed dramatically in recent years, especially as technology has advanced in the home design business, offering consumers even more possibilities. Furthermore, millennials have developed distinct […]

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Tiffany & Co launches 499 18K TiffCoin worth $9,999

As per an April 2 announcement, TIffany & Co minted 499 18K gold coins worth $9,999 each.  However, on April 1, as a joke, Tiffany announced via Twitter, “we’re launching our own cryptocurrency called TiffCoin — with exclusive product launches, NFT releases and invite-only events for top TiffCoin holders!” “Get some gold in your wallet […]

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Shein value may reach $100 bn with General Atlantic funding

As per Bloomberg, Shein may reach a $100 billion valuation with funding from General Atlantic.  Despite no physical stores, Shein pumps over 6,000 new items daily.  However, if they successfully receive the funding, its value will double that of the Uniqlo owner.  Additionally, Shein shows no signs or plans for an IPO.  Shein’s $100 billion […]

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The confusing FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022

The confusing FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 displayed a variety of spring/summer and fall/winter collections.  The variety ranged from premium pret to couture and ready-to-wear collection.  While the sales volumes and revenue remain unknown, the season remained confusing as designers displayed primordial collections. However, the FDCI x Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 was India’s first […]

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The Textile Manufacturing Process in India and its demand

Textile Industry is one of the major manufacturing industries of our country. It meets the demand of humans with regard to attire and this attire is brought to the trade after a particular plan of action. Textile Industry in India entails the transformation of fibre into yarn, and yarn to the fabric. These are later […]

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Three Ways to Style Striped Shirts This Summer

As the frost gradually melts, it is time to bid farewell to your cozy winter wear and embrace the lightweight summer collection. Updating your wardrobe presents fashion enthusiasts with the perfect opportunity to identify what is missing and upgrade before the next season starts. While there are a lot of options to add to your […]

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Want To Revamp Your Collection of Goggles? Opt For These X Fresh Arrivals

Playing around with assorted styles of eyewear is a subtle way of self-expression. Sometimes, the need to style yourself may arise from functionality for some, while at other times, it may arise from the need for constant reinvention of your appearance. Since both choices coexist in a world that celebrates individuality and style, you must […]

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Reigniting our roots: The need for sustainability in Fashion & Lifestyle

The future cautious generation believes sustainable development is the key to the future, and the fashion industry is no better than any other who contributes to the overall damages to the planet. The industry is responsible for 10% of the total global emissions and 20% of the wastewater worldwide. Additionally, 87% of the fabrics are […]

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How to open a beauty salon in the UK

In a world where snippets of our daily lives are captured on film and posted on social media, maintaining our appearance is high on many Brits’ priority lists. From highlights and haircuts to eyebrow shaping and leg waxes, business appears to be booming for the beauty industry in a post-lockdown revival.  Beauty treatments are not […]

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Looking for a Smartwatch? Here’s How to Choose the Best One

Smart bands are the new obsession, whether used to track fitness levels or make a style statement. While the COVID-19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on the entire world, it has also motivated many of us to prioritise our health and fitness. If you, too, want to improve your overall health and get back […]

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