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During the trying times now, during the pandemic it is essential that one makes necessary changes to the diet, eat more nutritious food which can enhance the health.
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The World’s Most Nutritious Foods: According to Science

Healthy eating is the key to good health. The food consumed by us often benefits us in immense ways from preventing cancer to shielding against heart diseases. Eating healthy is never complicated as most of the people are of the view. Most of us are overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition and diet advice so

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Eating out is safe?
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Is it Safe to Eat Outside? Here’s what you need know…

Over the last few months, people have started coming back to their normal lives. People look to resume outdoor activities, there is growing concern over the risks they face of novel Covid19 infection. Most of the outdoor activities carry the same level of risk hence there is an urgency that the people are judicious in

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best markets in Delhi
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10 Best Markets in Delhi for all types of shopping needs

Delhi is famous for ancient things, places, and monuments. And, its old markets have been operating since ancient times. Delhi has records of the world’s oldest markets. And, the shops are not only old but also the best ones that have maintained their legacy for many decades. Our article today will cover such places that

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Top 10 Indian brands beating foreign brands
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Top 10 Indian Brands That are Giving a Tough Competition to Foreign Brands

Becoming a popular brand is not an easy task for any company. Proper marketing, proper planning, and lots of strategies are required to achieve their goals. As an Indian, we believe that an international brand provides more value for money products than Indian products. But there are several major top Indian brands that provide a

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best restaurants in India
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10 Best Restaurants in India with Most Delicious Foods and Services

It is always difficult to choose the best restaurants in India because every Indian restaurant has something unique. Nevertheless, we are fighting to find some of the best restaurants in India where everyone dreams of being able to taste some foods and their services. As people are crazy about food dishes in India, they are

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best foods in the world
Food & Drinks

Top 10 Best Foods in the World You Must Try

Finally, I am going to write about my favorite subject – the top 10 best foods in the world. Food is an important thing for our body, it provides rich nutrition to our body. To stay healthy, you should eat healthy foods. If you like traveling but you know little about food, then your journey

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things to do at home when bored
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10 Things To Do At Home When Bored During Quarantine

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the world is moving towards lockdown, everyone needs to stay home. At this time, when it has become mandatory to stay home, I believe you will be bored. Therefore, it becomes necessary to involve oneself in certain activities to get yourself out of boredom. So, here we found some things that

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top largest malls in India
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Top 10 Largest Malls in India Everyone Should Visit Once 

Indian shoppers have now moved from the open market to sophisticated and air-conditioned malls. The retail sector of India has evolved to embrace shopping malls and has given rise to mall culture. And, one of the root reasons for visiting malls is that they offer so much more than just shopping. The number of malls

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Myths on Coronavirus cover-19
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Myths on Coronavirus People Should Aware About

Covid-19: The coronavirus epidemic spread throughout the world. With preventive measures or cures and misinformation available on the Internet, it can be difficult to separate facts from fiction. A lot of myths are shared by people on the internet such as garlic water, bat soup remedy, hot water bath, weird self-test, etc. You will find

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Kadaknath Chicken
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What is Kadaknath Chicken, and why is it demanded to be served at the IIFA Awards?

Why is Kadaknath Chicken in News? The reason for the Kadaknath chicken is in the news, not only for its delicious taste but also because of IIFA. This delicious dish has been sought to be included in the menu of IIFA Awards to be held in Indore. A letter has been written by the Jhabua-based

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