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Meta Makes First Investment in Asian Market With a $3M Seed Round for Ami

Tech giant Meta is making its first investment in Asia in a startup called Ami. Using WhatsApp as its platform, Ami is using the power of mental health to help people across Asia. Meta owns WhatsApp and has invested in several startups with similar philosophies. The three investment companies include Ami, thoughtful, Intellect, and Wysa. […]

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What Skills Are Essential For Nurses?

When you decide to be a nurse, you need to do plenty of research. You need to know that this is the right career for you. There are long hours to work, shifts to cope with, and of course, the work itself is hard, although highly rewarding. As a nurse, there are many career advancement […]

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UN announces Mumbai as 2021 Tree City of the world

The United Nations recognized Mumbai as the ‘2021 Tree City of the World.’ The UN and The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN jointly recognized Mumbai as the Tree City.  Moreover, Mumbai is now one of the leading globals networks in urban and community forestry.  BMC officials said Mumbai received recognition for its “commitment […]

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Magic mushrooms may be an alternative depression treatment

A study suggests that psilocybin found in magic mushrooms may be an alternative to depression treatments.  The psychedelic compound can help open up depressed people’s brains and work differently from regular antidepressants.  The study included 43 participants with severe depression and was completed in a span of 3 weeks.  What do experts say about magic […]

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How to Keep Your Office Clean After a Pandemic

A couple of years ago, going to the office seemed like a normal thing. However, the majority of us shifted to a work from home setting once the pandemic hit, and it no longer feels like the norm to head back to onsite work.  One of the major concerns people may have is that the […]

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7 Magical Health benefits of Kratom

The popularity of Kratom has reached a different level in the past few years. And the reason behind its unharmed fame is its wide range of potential to improve human health.  According to a recent market study, kratom strains are the largest selling herb all over the world. In recent years, we learned about any […]

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Recovering from a Car Accident – Both Physically and Emotionally

Car accidents are a sadly common occurrence on UK roads, with nearly 120,000 road casualties reported in 2020-21 alone. Suffering a car accident can result in upheaval of your personal life, with regard to your physical health and mental state both. Knowing how best to recover after a car accident can dramatically improve your rate […]

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Bill Gates invited for National Task Force for Polio Eradication

Prime Minister Imran Khan invited Bill Gates to attend the National Task Force for Polio Eradication meeting.  Furthermore, PM Imran Khan thanked the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for supporting and partnering with the Govt. of Pakistan for Polio eradication.  The trip is Bill Gates’s first-ever trip to Pakistan, and he thanks Pakistan’s PM for […]

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Safety Measures to Consider on a Construction Site

There’s no question that construction sites are notoriously dangerous environments. With heavy machinery, power tools, and various building materials around every corner, it’s easy for accidents to occur if you’re not careful.  Following the appropriate guidelines is essential to ensure the safety of visitors and contractors alike while on the site. By adhering to the […]

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10 Things to eat to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Do you want to Get Rid of Belly Fat? When it comes to the bulge, belly fat is a particularly formidable foe. However, there are actually several foods that are great for your taste buds and your waistline. These foods help you lose belly fat. Even if you don’t believe me, you probably already eat […]

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