bird flu virus

The first case of H5N8 Bird Flu virus detect in Humans

Bird flu has been spreading almost everywhere for the last few months. But earlier it was spreading only to birds but now the first time...
Relieve work stress

5 simple solutions that can help you relieve work stress

The modern age is characterized by the concept of working hard day in and day out. With minimum holidays and unwavering zeal,...
Best popular makeup brands

Top 10 Popular Makeup Brands Women like the Most

Makeup is an art that makes anyone beautiful. It helps to enhance our beauty. These days every girl or lady uses makeup to look...
7th continent Antarctica

What will happen to the 7th continent of the world?

The coronavirus is a major concern for the Antarctica tourist industry of the 7th continent, but it is great for the antique because it...
tips for a healthy diet fruits, vegetables...

5 Tips for a Healthy Diet to Follow in 2020

As soon as the year 2020 began, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic began in the world. The virus initially originated from the city...
China develop fresh taste of milk

China develops fresh taste of Milk: A Report

The fresh taste of milk is developed in China, as they avoid milk for many generations. One reason behind this is believed that milk is...
best whey protein brands in India

Top 10 Best Whey Protein Brands in India

Whey protein brands in India are plentiful. When other forms of protein can be found in our daily food supplements, why would...
belly fat higher BMI results

Higher BMI Results cause Poor Physical and Mental Health

A lady fades up from his belly fat or high BMI cause the poor health. Image source: twitter Obesity is a curse, which is inherited...
new cases of coronavirus India updates

Rising of new cases of coronavirus is a matter of concern

Fresh cases of coronavirus are increasing day by day. Around 25000 cases were reported on a single day on Saturday. With the increasing cases of coronavirus...
man infected twice from coronavirus

A man gets infected twice from the coronavirus

A person who belongs to the United States has received the coronavirus twice. According to doctors, the second infection is more dangerous than the first. A...

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