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10 Most Impressive Fun Skills to Learn in Your Free Time

Man is always eager to learn something new and creative! New and creative things help people develop new skills. Therefore, we have brought some of the best skills that both adults and children can learn to enhance their skills. Most of the skills you may have heard of, but can be a new thing for

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10 Things To Do At Home When Bored During Quarantine

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the world is moving towards lockdown, everyone needs to stay home. At this time, when it has become mandatory to stay home, I believe you will be bored. Therefore, it becomes necessary to involve oneself in certain activities to get yourself out of boredom. So, here we found some things that

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COVID 19 Lockdown: Reconnecting to Indian Cultural Roots

The COVID-19 Lockdown has proven that Indian cultural tradition cannot be monopolized and appropriated by anyone particular political dispensation. Indian culture is more syncretic and unifying than the identity based divisive politics played out by various political parties. The whole world is one family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) is one of the foundational principles of the Indian

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UTHHAN: India’s first startup for upliftment of financially weaker skilled artisans

For centuries, Indian artisans are job workers for others. Their artwork is used by top designers in the country and around the world without any due credit. The payments are negligible, even though they are the main stars of many haute couture collections. Traveling across India, It’s been witnessed as a fading trade. From 2012 UTHHAN team

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