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Meet the startup #SaveTheArtist – An online platform to support artists

#SavetheArtist is an initiative, which will have a series of online interactions with the eminent artists of Indian Classical Music, Dance, Folk Arts and Craft, Media, Culture, Theater, and Literature on the challenges they are facing during this pandemic and the uncertainties that surround their art forms.  Our sixth episode focused on the issue of Bunkars of Varanasi,

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The Hindi idols that were stolen are now coming back to India after 40 years

There are many cases of idols of deities being stolen from southern temples over 40 years old. Three bronze statues were stolen from South Indian temples now found in the united states. The bronze sculptures have now returned to the Indian government officials. Bronze statues represent some of the most acclaimed deities. Three idols were discovered – Lord Rama,

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How social distancing marks are changing the world

Some unusual marks appeared on the ground in cities such as Paris. There is a new blue and white wave-shaped trail dotted on the street and outside the schools. In cities, the government is taking initiatives to encourage people to socialize around schools and markets or any public places to protect the coronavirus infection. Because there

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Opening of the new library at ’Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad’ on Teachers’ Day

Kolkata 5th September 2020: The library at ‘Bhartiya Bhasha Parishad’, the distinguished literary organization of the country has been modernized during the Corona pandemic, keeping in mind the needs and interests of the young generation. The air-conditioned library, with a collection of more than 20,000 books, is going to provide many facilities to the reader.  The grand

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Muharram – A Lesson of not bowing down before an Oppressor

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. From the first day of this month till the 10th day of Muharram, the sorrowful event of Karbala was taken place nearly 60-70 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad. Karbala is the name of a place situated on the Bank of the Euphrates. The story

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Are US Africa Relations Coordial ?

News of a coup in West Africa was commonplace in the 1980s and 1990s, but in the last two decades it is a sufficiently rare event to make world headlines, especially when the two last coups in West Africa happened in the same country – Mali. Over the last 20 years, Mali has mostly been

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Bhedchal series is out, Here’s Why Bandish Bandits gets popular

Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, implemented the new Indian education system and commented that the country needs to be taken away from the Bhedchal practise. It necessarily means , walking with the crowd without following any logic. While the Indian education system has eradicated the Bhedchal movement , so has the film and entertainment industry escalated

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An online community that aids talented people

In India, there are a lot of online communities that have been created with the prime motive of helping people to bring like minds on the same common platform. So many marriages matrimonial and dating sites have come up with the motive to bring together people with the same needs under a common platform. It

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How did Mona Lisa become the world’s most famous painting? Story of a thief…

Who does not know about the Mona Lisa painting? It has been world famous for years now. The Mona Lisa is one of the most elegant pieces crafted by Leonardo. The woman’s arms and hands are displayed without touching the frame. She is shown only from head to waist, sitting in a chair, her left

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Are Indians Really Leading happy Married Lives? Here are 5 reasons for Increase in Divorce Rates in India

According to a BBC report few years back, it was stated that thirteen marriages out of a thousand ended in divorce in India. This clearly indicated that 1.36 million people in India are divorced. Over the years there is an increase in the rate of divorce cases in India. A recent study shows that there

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