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Opportunity to invest in new cutting-edge Swiss 3D Display technology

psHolix invented and patented Pseudo-holography display technology. Utilizing this technology, people can watch real 3D without glasses and can simultaneously watch their 2D content on the same device. psHolix AG is a Swiss-based company that has developed this technology which enables us to view three-dimensional content on displays without the need for glasses. The company […]

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Best Industries Economic & Finance Fintech Funding Market Overview New startups Stocks & Funds emerges among the top 100 global FinTech innovators

Mumbai: FlexiLoans has been ranked amongst ‘Emerging 50’ FinTechs, according to a report released by KPMG in collaboration with H2 Ventures. The ‘2019 Fintech100’ list features the ‘Top 50’ FinTech firms around the globe and the ‘Emerging 50’ companies that are at the forefront of innovative technologies and practices. The list of 100 FinTechs features 8 […]

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How Blockchain technology playing a pivotal role against Global Warming

Today, global warming is the biggest problem facing the world. We have tried all possible methods to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and climate change but it remains extremely palpable in 2019. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), global temperatures could rise by 2 degrees over the next century, with the potential to […]

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There are signs of improvement in the economy, these four stocks are expected to high profit growth in 2020

The rate of economic growth has been slowing down over the years. But in the corporate tax cuts by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, it is believed that the Indian economy has been on track for the past one week. Some of the big players in the Indian e-commerce market such as Flipkart, Amazon, brick-and-mortar consumer […]

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Is world economy slowing down from first recession since 2009? Here is what experts say on this…

The slowing down of the world economy is a big question in the financial market. On Friday, the US’s partial trade agreement with China has given investors happiness and the UK may seek a divorce agreement with the European Union. But the debate will soon begin on how close the world economy is to its […]

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E-commerce companies sold goods worth 12.7 thousand crores in just 3 days of festival season

In this time of slowness in the country, the e-commerce companies are making huge profits in this festive season. E-commerce companies can touch merchandise sales of 3.7 billion (26.23 thousand crores) during the 6-day festive season. According to a report by Redseer Consulting, e-commerce companies have reached a figure of $ 1.8 billion (12.7 thousand […]

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World’s top companies list: Infosys at top 3

According to Forbes’s recent list, India’s 18 companies included in the world’s top companies list. Infosys became the world’s top third best company, earlier it was at 31st number. Top 3 companies in the world Indian IT company Infosys has been included in the list of top 3 respected companies in the world. However, American […]

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HDFC launches ‘Indian Oil HDFC bank credit card’, 50-liter Petrol-Diesel will be available for free every year

Petrol and diesel prices in India are skyrocketing day by day. But if you will be given 50-liter petrol-diesel free, what would you say? Yes, it is absolutely right. HDFC has launched a special card in which the customer will be available for free 50 liters of petrol-diesel every year. Let’s have a look, how? […]

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Auto Sector Slowdown? Lamborghini sells an SUV car worth 3 crore every week.

New Delhi: At a time when the Indian auto sector is in its worst state for the first time in history, the super-luxury auto market is on the upswing. Last year, Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini sold an SUV car worth Rs 3 crore every week. Sharad Aggarwal, head of the Indian brand, said that […]

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Apple moves to India a huge signal for foreign investment: FM

New Delhi: Any move by American electronics giant Apple and India’s ecosystem will set a big signal for foreign companies coming from China to India. Financial Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Sunday. Apple moves to India is a big signal for foreign companies investing in India after an attractive tax rate, which the finance ministry […]

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