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Budget top 20: Highlights of Union Budget 2019

Presenting the interim budget 2019 on February 1, … Then Piyush Goyal, who took charge of the finance ministry, gave relief to the middle class and also believed. If the Modi government comes again, then the tax relief is only for those who earn only 5 lakh Will not get … The government will also […]

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Economic & Finance Laws & Taxes

5 major changes in income tax provision announced in budget 2019

There were not so many changes in income tax provision as we were expecting in budget 2019. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman kept all the tax slab remain unchanged in her maiden budget but she put a new income tax proposal that could impact many taxpayers. The government today announced that Adhar card and Pan Car both are […]

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5 Things You Must Know Before Investing in FD(Fixed Deposit)

FD(Fixed Deposit) is one of the most popular schemes for retired or elderly persons. There is no alternative of FD for the People who want the guaranteed return in the safe mode. If you are planning to invest in FD, these are 5 unknown facts you must know before investing in FD for higher return… […]

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Economic & Finance Laws & Taxes Market Overview Real Estate

Budget 2019-2020, Why this budget is very special for housing sector?

This time, in the real estate sector of the country, there can be special eye-sighting in the budget 2019-2020. On behalf of the government, the representatives of the housing industry have been clearly indicated that there will be several measures to increase the demand in this sector. In particular, by 2022, every family will be […]

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Banking & Insurance Economic & Finance Laws & Registration Laws & Taxes Market Overview State & Urban

SBI reveals names of 10 new wilful defaulters, an outstanding debt 1500 Crores

State Bank of India (SBI) has released a list of 10 new wilful defaulters on Friday. This list includes many big companies of medicine, jewelry and power sector and their big officers. Most of these companies have an outstanding debt of about 1500 crores which have been sent by banks to repay their debts several […]

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Banking & Insurance Economic & Finance Laws & Taxes Market Overview

Many things will change from 1st July. No charges on NEFT and RTGS

Upcoming Month or from 1st July, Many rules are going to be changed associated with home loans and online transactions. These changes might affect the country people. There are some other things are also going to be changed from 1st July. Some changes are good for you and some are bad… Let’s get more in details about […]

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Economic & Finance Laws & Registration World Affairs

Saudi Arabia sales citizenship registration start from 23rd June

People are very excited to get citizenship in foreign countries. India is one of them. People want to permanently shift in other countries. But it is not easy to get citizenship in other countries. It is said that every third person in the world is an Indian. There is less chance of any country where […]

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Economic & Finance Market Overview Stocks & Funds

Why is Indonesia Becoming a Favorite Choice of Investors?

The Indonesian economy is currently riding the crest of the wave. Economic growth in Indonesia is better than previous years and that is why the country is seeing an influx of investors determined to mine success in these economically favorable times.  Source Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world and has great natural resources, […]

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Top 10 Business News of the Day

Here the latest top 10 business news of the day: HDFC bought 51% shares in Apollo Munich. The deal has been closed in 1036 crore rupees. Diesel rate falls down by 6 paise but petrol rate is remain constant, not yet changed. American company Blackstone has purchased the most expensive office in Mumbai. The deal […]

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Inflation will increase if India exits from GSP

Commerce, India Dr. Ravi Singh research head, Karvy said that the benefits we were getting in exporting our products in the US Market will not be further continued. They said after this step of Donald Trump, inflation will rise due to increasing the tax on the products we export to the USA. Due to this uncertainty, […]

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