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2 Years on, India Still Gripped With Negative Impacts of Demonetization

After the high-value currency was banned India still facing problems, negative impacts of demonetization. Image Source: One fine evening 2 years ago on November 8th, 2016, India was shocked to hear the news of demonetization announced by PM Narendra Modi. The high-value cash was banned from the midnight of the announced date to cease […]

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Economic & Finance Politics

What will happen to Indian Economy if Narendra Modi loses 2019 Election?  Bleak Road Ahead….

 Narendra Modi is on the brink of facing the biggest examination of his life as the elections are nearing. There are numerous speculations regarding the outcomes of the upcoming election as the possibilities of an adverse result are hiking. The impact of election results on the Indian Economy might affect the sentiments of the Investors. […]

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Economic & Finance Market Overview

Top five things you need to know about Friday financial market

International Financial market: unemployment rate expected to be down by 3.8%, Trump expects to sale $200 billion new batch on the Chinese market, Nasdaq 100 futures trade down to 0.29% or 22 points. Here are the five best things you must know about this Friday International trade Financial market: 1. Jobs to Cement September rate hike […]

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