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Mumbai’s Climate Action Plan: A game-changer for India

Presently, Mumbai’s climate action plan works on achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  The Climate Action plan proposed by Mumbai is to energize various large towns.  Perhaps, MCAP might utilize these larger towns for creating their action strategies. Furthermore, Mumbai’s plans to achieve net-zero carbon emissions might require MCAP’s implementation through popular participation.  However, the

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Scientists: 2022 to be among ten hottest years on record

Presently, scientists are concerned regarding 2022 being amongst the ten hottest years on record.  Furthermore, the world witnessed a baking start of 2022 in rising temperatures.  Moreover, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) states that 2022 is already hot.  Scientists from all over the globe are over 99 percent sure on 2022 ranking in

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Green energy policy may require a more detailed evaluation

As the GHP remains uncertain of its ambitious goal, the green energy policy may require a more detailed evaluation.  On 17 February, the ministry of power announced the green hydrogen policy.  The policy is welcomed among industry participants as it fits with the climate-action thrust of India’s budget for 2022-23.  Furthermore, by 2030 more than

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Why India and Bangladesh should sign the long-pending ‘Teesta Water Sharing Treaty’ as soon as possible?

One of the long-standing unresolved issues between Bangladesh and India is the Teesta water-sharing agreement. The agreement between Bangladesh and India on Teesta water sharing has been discussed for the last few years. But the Teesta issue has stopped with assurance. After the Ganges Treaty in 1996, the issue of distribution of water of the

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Indian Oil Corporation plans ‘green hydrogen’ plants by 2024

The IOC plans to open ‘green hydrogen’ plants in Mathura and Panipat by 2024.  Director of research and development at IOC, SSV Ramakumar, said, “This (policy) is the single biggest enabler by the state for production of green hydrogen.” Furthermore, he added that the new ‘green hydrogen’ policy would cut the cost of manufacturing green

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Big Oil CEOs warn consumers of High Energy Prices

Big oil CEOs warn consumers to brace themselves for years of high energy prices. In recent months oil and gas prices have skyrocketed as the pandemic restrictions have eased.  As a result, the global economy is recovering, and investors have dropped investments in new energy supplies.  Furthermore, while oil and gas industries gained profits in

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Nepal’s power residue and India’s power recuperation in the region

India has communicated to the independent power producers of Nepal that they won’t purchase electricity from hydropower projects that have Chinese components. India opened its doors to purchase Nepal’s power in November 2021. This is a significant milestone for Nepal since it is the first time the Himalayan country has exported hydropower. India’s refusal to

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Blockchain rare-earth scheme certifies sustainability for EVs

The blockchain rare-earth scheme is an EU-funded certification scheme. The is project is to certify sustainability for EVs.  Automakers demanded evidence about materials used in manufacturing magnets for EVs. Therefore, the EU-funded certification scheme uses blockchain and is under development for rare earth.  What is the Blockchain rare-earth scheme? The Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA)

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Oil Prices to reach $100 a barrel due to Omicron

The impact of Omicron has caused oil prices to reach $100 a barrel. By the end of 2022, crude oil prices are likely to soar 35%.  Production shortfall despite increasing demand along with geopolitical tensions is an unusual combination. As reported on Al Jazeera yesterday, Texas Intermediate crude slipped down to 0.70% at $84.95. And

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Tesla to accept Dogecoin as payment

Elon Musk announced in a Tweet, “Tesla merch buyable with Dogecoin.” Tesla will now accept Dogecoin as payment for selected merchandise.  Elon Musk’s Tesla to accept Dogecoin as payment Tesla will now accept Dogecoin as payment for merchandise such as – the $150 Giga Texas Belt feat. the company logo and the recently launched $50

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