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Women Allowed To Go Topless In Pools In Germany For Gender Equality

Göttingen will be the first city in Germany to permit female topless swimming at indoor and outdoor pools. A measure aimed at increasing gender equality made this possible. Bathing topless is now allowed for a limited time period as test limited to weekends (from May 1st to end of the August) in Germany. “This decision” […]

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Tesla’s CEO Thinks The Company Needs To Cut Staff By 10%; Pause All Hiring

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, sent an email on Thursday saying that his company needed to cut staff by 10 per cent until it can achieve profitability. With a hefty cost accounting for shooting up the price of Tesla cars in China, the CEO is hoping skills changes will reduce expenses and […]

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Heightened Fraud Risk Hits Indian Businesses Hard, Kroll Survey Reveals

MUMBAI, INDIA – May 31, 2022: Kroll, the leading provider of data, technology and insights related to risk, governance and growth, has revealed the results of its latest Global Fraud and Risk Report, highlighting that organizations around the world are dealing with the rising costs associated with investigating allegations of serious misconduct. The report, based on a survey of […]

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Cruise Company Offering Full Refund If Your Ship Disappears In Bermuda Triangle

If you’re thinking about booking a cruise, but don’t want to risk your life or the lack of setting being accurate and go with a company that’s renowned for giving refunds in case anything goes wrong, cruise company Peak Experience is offering to provide a full refund of an alternate experience if your ship sinks […]

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IPL 2022 edition proves to be a run-fest after latest record broken

The IPL has often produced some spellbinding moments. It has left fans in shock and awe over the years, but the IPL 2022 edition of the tournament will live long in fans’ memories. It has been an extravaganza and the fans have helped create a carnival atmosphere. One key takeaway about this T20 cricket competition […]

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How Your Work From Home Is Making Homes More Expensive

I’ve been noticing more and more home listings popping up in my neighborhood this summer, with some asking well above the price I paid a year before. After poking around online and talking to friends who are either working from home or just bought a new home that didn’t come with their previous one, it […]

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Why Are Love Marriages So Difficult in India?

Love marriages have always been a bit more difficult in India, partly because female purity is viewed with value by Indian families, so if an unmarried woman has sex before marriage, her family disapproves of the lad, who would then often end up leaving the girl without ever marrying. Comparison of love and arranged marriage […]

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Ash Barty’s sudden retirement leaves Iga Świątek in tears

The Polish professional tennis player, Iga Świątek, was left in tears at the sudden retirement of Ash Barty.  After winning the third grand slam at January’s Australian Open, Ash Barty stunned everyone by quitting the sport last month.  Iga, the Polish player told BBC Sport, “I was crying for 40 minutes.” Iga Świątek’s heartfelt reaction […]

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India’s male preference and the economic emergence

India’s constant male preference remains unmasked despite an improved gender ratio. Furthermore, the economic emergence has failed to weaken patriarchal attitudes.  A 2011 census count reported the gender recovered from 940 females for 1,000 males compared to 2001.  Nevertheless, male preference in Indian families is no secret, despite the official estimate from the fifth National […]

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What Should You Choose – A Starter Home or Forever Home? [Best Advice]

Most of the data coming in from research houses and consultants indicate that home-buying sentiment in India has picked up tremendously over the last 2.5 years. This is primarily because, in a pandemic like Covid-19, a home is the most valuable and practical asset to own. This is no longer just about sentiment. A unique […]

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