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Integrated Townships – Luxury or Necessity?

According to the World Bank Group, India retains its place as the fastest-growing emerging  economies. While India already has the world’s biggest rural population at 857 million people, this is expected to reduce significantly. By 2050, almost 50% of India’s overall population will be living in urban areas. This is mainly due to the expansion […]

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India’s unemployment rate stoops to 6.57%: CMIE 

As India’s unemployment rate stoops to 6.57%, the urban unemployment rate is 8.16%. According to CMIE, India’s unemployment rate has been the lowest since March 2021.  As per the CMIE report, “While unemployment in urban India stood at 8.16% in January, in rural areas it was the lowest at 5.84% in rural areas. In December, […]

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India’s Increasing Unemployment Crisis due to Covid-19

India’s unemployment crisis has increased due to Covid-19. According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy and International Labour Organisation, the unemployment crisis has existed for six years. Furthermore, India’s youth is frustrated with the job crisis and opting to migrate to Canada. Last month India’s unemployment rate slumped to 7.9% from a 23.5% peak […]

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Covid exploded inequality, boon for billionaires: Oxfam report

More than 16 crore humans were pushed into poverty and roughly 99 percent of people around the globe had diminished income during the pandemic. But it was a stark opposite scenario for the rich. The pandemic saw the 10 richest people of the world more than double their fortune to 1.5 trillion USD, at a […]

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Feminism in India: Are Women Really Taking Advantage of It?

Feminism or the word feminist is nowadays getting more and more popularization. Feminism means giving equal opportunities to all genders, specially women. The goal of feminism is to challenge the systemic inequalities which women faces on a daily basis either in their own family or at their workplace. Feminism is to protect the rights of […]

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Intimacy in India: How it is empowering women

The survey has been conducted with the women app users of the online platform which talks about how intimacy as a factor has started empowering women in India.  1. Percentage of women looking for relationships online/dating apps  Working Professionals: 73%Housewives: 24%Students: 3% On Gleeden the top 10 professions for women: Housewife Engineer Consultant Computer engineer Artist Administrative […]

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How professional sales galleries help sell housing projects

The sales office – property buyers see it at every new housing project site but probably cannot guess how much thought and investment has gone into creating it. The sales/site offices or sales galleries are an integral and vitally important part of the entire real estate transaction lifecycle. A project’s sales prospects decrease drastically without […]

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Managing Remote Work Across Different Countries

Over two years since the outbreak of the pandemic, we’re no strangers to remote working by now. While some businesses simply found working from home to be the new normal, many companies introduced working from the office again this year. With the new coronavirus variant now upon us, it looks as though remote working could […]

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Does the Indian Festive Season Attract NRI Homebuyers?

Most NRIs have families back in India – but even otherwise, most non-resident Indians maintain a deep emotional connection with their homeland. The desire to own property is a defining characteristic of all Indians, irrespective of whether they live and work here or abroad. During the Indian festive season, many visit India to take the […]

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All about Halo Effect and how it affects your daily life

We feel and think about someone’s character based on our overall impression of them, or the halo effect. The way you perceive a person (e.g., “He is nice!”) influences how you perceive specific characteristics of that person (e.g., “He is also smart!”). People’s perceptions of one trait influence their perceptions of other traits. The halo […]

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