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How professional sales galleries help sell housing projects

The sales office – property buyers see it at every new housing project site but probably cannot guess how much thought and investment has gone into creating it. The sales/site offices or sales galleries are an integral and vitally important part of the entire real estate transaction lifecycle. A project’s sales prospects decrease drastically without […]

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Managing Remote Work Across Different Countries

Over two years since the outbreak of the pandemic, we’re no strangers to remote working by now. While some businesses simply found working from home to be the new normal, many companies introduced working from the office again this year. With the new coronavirus variant now upon us, it looks as though remote working could […]

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Does the Indian Festive Season Attract NRI Homebuyers?

Most NRIs have families back in India – but even otherwise, most non-resident Indians maintain a deep emotional connection with their homeland. The desire to own property is a defining characteristic of all Indians, irrespective of whether they live and work here or abroad. During the Indian festive season, many visit India to take the […]

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All about Halo Effect and how it affects your daily life

We feel and think about someone’s character based on our overall impression of them, or the halo effect. The way you perceive a person (e.g., “He is nice!”) influences how you perceive specific characteristics of that person (e.g., “He is also smart!”). People’s perceptions of one trait influence their perceptions of other traits. The halo […]

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Facts & Comment History & Culture Politics

Why many North Indians and Bengalis hate Gandhi and why they should stop

I have come across a few individuals who unequivocally believe Gandhi was the preeminent Indian leader whose efforts got us self governance. I have lived in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal and interacted with people from Rajasthan, Bihar, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. My observations will only be about people of these states. I find three […]

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Facts & Comment Politics World Affairs

A response to Shekhar Gupta – Why it is not likely that the BJP would listen to Kamala Harris’s ‘sermon’

This article is a response to Shekhar Gupta’s article on The Print where he argues that US VP’s ‘sermon’ to N Modi about the most important of the 3 Ds, democracy has to be taken seriously and BJP govt needs to introspect how this situation was reached. My view on this is, BJP knows exactly […]

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Startup culture can’t sustain without having a concrete plan and a solid idea

Behind every startup is an idea seeking fulfillment and a roadmap demanding execution. The success of a startup depends a lot upon how conducive is the startup culture of a company. Many startup founders face a tragic end because of their inability to define their culture at workplace. The concept of startup culture has ignited […]

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Automobile Business Ecommerce Economic & Finance Facts & Comment Logistic & transportation

Top 10 Biggest Business Rivalries in the History

To succeed in business, you need to do things correctly. Your products must be best in quality, best in service, and best in user experience, while you must also promote in the most effective way possible. Some industries aren’t as competitive as others. Rising to the top is more difficult in others. Those working for […]

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Clothes & Apparels Facts & Comment Fashion

How Big Men Want Their Clothing to Meet Their Needs

We’ll get into specific good and bad outfits and styles later, but there are some things you should always keep in mind if you’re in the market for clothing that fits a larger frame: Go for the right fit.  Any man would agree that the fit of his clothing is its most important aspect, and […]

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10 Entrepreneurs Who Failed Before They Succeeded

Presenting the top Entrepreneurs Who Failed Before They Succeeded. We only see about 15 percent of an iceberg in the ocean, we can’t even imagine the other 85 percent of an entrepreneur’s business. The only thing we see are their top accomplishments, milestones, and riches; we do not even begin to imagine the failures, struggles, […]

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