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Imposter Syndrome among women is more common than you think

“Women need to get out of the imposter syndrome. They should not look down on networking. They need a club to champion them.”  This was some of the advice given by Preeti Reddy, Chairwoman, South Asia, Insights Division, Kantar at the launch of a new digital platform for women called GalaxShe. She said that this […]

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Recruitment in the New Normal: Disruption or Myth?

New Delhi, March 4, 2021: As the economy gradually unlocks and businesses go back to a semblance to a pre-pandemic normal, there is a growing discussion within the recruitment landscape about the continued relevance of new-age recruitment tools adopted during the lockdown. Taking this discussion ahead with stimulating perspectives was the latest edition of RaaS Talks […]

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How can embedding Instagram feed boost your fashion website and brand?

Instagram is the most famous social media platform when it comes to showing off new trends and setting some serious fashion goals.  Instagram consists of a massive number of fashion influencers who are animatedly pulling off different styles from various brands and giving their followers the taste of quirky fashion sense, in the form of […]

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Jeff Bezos Exits From Amazon, Andy Jassy will now take responsibility of CEO

The founder and CEO of Amazon company Jeff Bezos became the richest man in the world. He started his company 30 years ago in his garage with money from his parents for his start up. Now his execution role will be replaced by Andy Jassy. Andy Jassy is currently the head of Amazon Web Services. It is a […]

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ANAROCK Launches VAS PropTech Suite for Residential Operations

Mumbai, 28 January 2021: Close on the heels of a surprisingly positive Q4CY2020 for the home sales market, in which leading real estate services company ANAROCK sold 2500 housing units across India, the Firm today announced the formal launch of its proprietary PropTech Value-added Services (VAS) suite. These services, some of which the Firm has been […]

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7 Trends That Are Reshaping The Startup World

2020 was the most affected pandemic year and also has its impact on businesses. Only a few startups were found in this pandemic hit year. Around 2442 startups were found in 2019 and only 751 in 2020. About 32 startups were shut down due to the epidemic. Pandemic has reshaped the startup world There is no doubt […]

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Improve Freelance Success With An Accountability Partnership

What is an accountability partnership? An accountability partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship between two people that provide support to each other in developing and meeting their individual goals and commitments. This type of partnership can be effective in assisting you to achieve many different kinds of goals such as a personal physical fitness goal, a […]

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According to scientists, humans can be ‘immortal’ by 2047

According to scientists we need only 25 years to live forever! Yes, we are going to live forever, and we will never die. Death is not at all a compulsion since 2045, it will be a choice for humans whether they want to die or not! Then death will not be a compulsion but a […]

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How Startups Worldwide Are Using Blockchain Technology

For the first time since 2017, blockchain is experiencing a renaissance. Many governments are enacting cryptocurrency-positive regulations in an effort to build a strong domestic industry.  This in turn has attracted enterprising companies interested in building novel applications for blockchain technology.  Take, for example, the Defi boom. There are currently thousands of decentralized apps (called […]

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Google removed Paytm from Play Store for violating its terms

The Paytm application is briefly removed by Google for violations of its policy on gambling. As a result of this, Paytm has stopped its Payments and financial services on the day. Susan Frei, vice president of Google, announced in a blog post that Android Security and Privacy stated that it does not allow online casinos or […]

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