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The supreme court ordered to place CCTV camera into investigation offices

The Supreme Court has ordered the installation of CCTV cameras in all police stations. According to the Supreme Court, investigative agencies like CBI, National Investigation Agency will have to install CCTV cameras with night vision and audio recordings. Their purpose is to prevent excess torture in custody. They ordered each of the states to install

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According to the Global Survey, India is the most corrupt country in Asia

India is a country of culture, tradition, and morality. But apart from this, India is also a country which has the highest corruption rate in Asia. India is appearing as the country with the highest rate of corruption such as corruption-bribery. According to the Global Survey, anti-corruption global civil society organisation Transparency International (TI) that India has

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Coming soon: UP Government’s Strict Law Against Love Jihad

Soon a new and strict law will be made against Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh. The declaration comes after a law against Love Jihad in Madhya Pradesh and Haryana. On Friday, it was announced that they would bring strict laws against Love Jihad. The state government sent the proposal to the law department. UP CM Yogi Aditya

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Why should killing nature be a crime?

According to the European Union – destroying nature is a crime. Vanuatu is a small island in the South Pacific that rises above sea level day by day! It is caused by climate change. This happens due to increasing temperature. There are various reasons for climate change – the burning of fossil fuels, burning of plastic, use

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Actor Milind Soman booked for obscenity over nude picture

Actor Milind Soman has been booked for indecency for her nude photo on the internet. Milind Soman is also a supermodel, she took a picture while running on Goa beach and this picture went viral. The South Goa Police has registered FIR under Section 294 for (obscenity) Indian penal code along with other relevant sections

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A US Court asks ISRO’s commercial arm to pay $1.2 billion compensation to Bengaluru start-up

According to news reports, a U.S. District Judge has on 27 October 2020, asked ISRO’s arm  Antrix to pay money amounting to $1.2 bn as compensation to Bangaluru-based start-up,  Devas Multimedia, for canceling a satellite deal in 2005. As per agreement in January 2005, Antrix had agreed to build, launch and operate two satellites and to make available 70 MHz of S-band spectrum

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A husband finds his wife a ‘call girl’ after marriage

Marriage is made in heaven which we have heard since childhood but it is heaven when you love, take care of partner but when marrying with the wrong partner it becomes hell for both of them. This is a real incident in the city of Varanasi, where a man who is truly in love with

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Fake website sells cheap wigs to cancer patients

Rogue website is targeting cancer patients and Wikine that are not good in quality. Advertisers are targeted online for selling wigs to cancer patients, but the wigs are not matched with the images shown in their advertisements. A website named contains pictures of children’s models, saying it is suitable for chemotherapy and other medicinal related

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An 83-year-old man arrested on charges of terrorism

Father Swamy is an eighty-three-year-old man, he is the oldest person in the country who is associated with terrorism. Father Swamy was arrested from Ranchi. The police seized his mobile phone and took him on remand till 23 October. The National Investigation Agency which deals with anti-terrorism crimes arrested for 2018 caste-based violence and is

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Business update: Japan to leverage coronavirus in businesses

Previous Japan experienced a record high of foreign visitors, up from 8.61 million in 2010 and 31.88 million in the previous year. Japan has been given successful international events at Osaka and the G20 summits such as the Rugby World Cup, Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and Paralympics which record the highest number of foreign visitors. Japan postponed

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