Pentonic Covid-19 Killer

LINC’s new “Pentonic Covid-19 Killer” is here to fight the battle with you!

Kolkata, July 2020: As the world looks for nifty ways to protect themselves in the battle against the pandemic, Linc Pen and Plastics Limited...
Linkedin small business tech news

Top 5 Small Business Tech News of the Week

The technology of today's world is so helpful for achieving your dreams. Technology helps in providing opportunities for your business. A great example of this...
Human can live forever

According to scientists, humans can be ‘immortal’ by 2047

According to scientists we need only 25 years to live forever! Yes, we are going to live forever, and we will never die.Death is...
Brands uplifting with tiktok marketing

How brands are uplifting their business through TikTok marketing

TikTok has amassed users since its debut in September 2017, as no other social media has ever before. The platform surpassed 1 billion downloads...
MeitY Startup Hub partnered with Paytm

MeitY Startup Hub collaborate with Paytm to support deep-tech start-ups

In order to provide a boost to the fast-growingstartup ecosystem in India and to promote technology innovation as well as sustainable growth of the...
Mind Mapping Software

10 Powerful Mind Mapping Software You Need to Check Out!

A Mind Mapping Software is an application that is used for drawing diagrams. We can create diagrams to show the relationship between...
China cyberattack on Indian satellite

China cyber attacked on Indian satellite communications: US Report

China is attacking an Indian satellite claimed by the united states of the US report. China attacked computer networks against Indian satellites in 2017, similar...
ArvanCloud CDN

ArvanCloud CDN ‘Cloud Security Services’ Game Changer enters India with more economical features

A new player in a currently cluttered market of CDN started its services in India in early June 2020. ArvanCloud, a newcomer in the...
Gaming Industry India

Why India’s Gaming Industry is on the Rise

Within the first nine months of a pandemic-ridden 2020, India found itself in the midst of a significant paradigm shift in terms of its...
Ukraine IT Outsourcing Destination

Reason Why Ukraine is a better IT Outsourcing destination than China

According to Statista, global IT outsourcing has already touched $442 billion marks worldwide. It is 2018 and since the rate of outsourcing is still...

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