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Best 5 Android Apps That Will Make Your Smartphone Smarter

Smartphones and smarter apps have truly brought the world into our fingertips. But would you like to make your smartphone smarter? Well, these best 5 Android apps will do just that… Camfind Camfind is the first out of best 5 android apps that will help you if you trying to find something on the internet and […]

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5 Best Mind Blowing AI Apps

The year 2018 has seen several new AI apps introduced in the market. Let’s check out 5 incredible AI apps for 2018 that has been a technological marvel. Mug Life Face Recognition AI App Mug life is a 3D face animator from Apple. This app turns simple photos into realistic, fun 3D animations with its […]

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Can Blockchain revolutionize international trade?

We are in the middle of an unparalleled digital revolution. The WTO (World Trade Organization) introduced the World Trade Report of this year just a few weeks ago, the report evaluates the contributions of digital technologies in revolutionizing global commerce and also the challenges and prospects created by it. The report also includes Blockchain as […]

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India to be one of the world’s blockchain leaders by 2023

The rising blockchain in India is growing exponentially, and research, development, and implementation of it will be beneficial and economically feasible. With further participation, India can be one of the leaders of blockchain technology in the next five years. For this to happen, India requires the right amount of participation from government and industries to […]

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RoadBotics Offers Revolutionary Solution to an Age-Old Problem

City dwellers can expect their cities to become smarter and much easier to live thanks to the efforts of RoadBotics and URBAN-X. The age-old problem of potholes that tax your driving skills and render you totally helpless on getting a flat tire can come close to being ended. The originators of RoadBotics have found an […]

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Living in a Virtual World and Building Long-term Real Relationships

Cyber Glasses Exploring Virtual World. Photo Source: Pixabay. With the fast-paced life and increasing intervention of digitization, along with the professional activities, personal life has also entered the virtual world. Now, people believe in meeting with friends on a virtual platform rather on a physical podium. This has not only elevated the ease of meeting […]

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Generating Bioenergy from Sugarcane…

Generating Bioenergy from Sugarcane Agriculture photo taken by Pixabay In the energy chain, the alternative sources are gaining popularity which has boosted Raizen’s motto to explore the genre. It is the third largest revenue generating Energy Company and the fifth largest energy firm stationed in Brazil. It is also the world’s largest individual sugar cane […]

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UK’s Road to Zero Strategy: Reality or Piped Dream?

The strategy of Road to Zero has the goal to become the world’s leading technology with zero-emission vehicles. In fact, the government has targeted to produce 50% of the new cars with ultra-low emission by the end of 2030 with the target of zero-emission by 2040.  The business select committee of the parliament believes this […]

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Cyberbullying…Is Your Child Safe?

Cyberbullying… teens are not safe on the Internet. Image Source: The internet and social media platforms are gaining popularity at an exponential rate for the ease of use and elaborate access. Children find these platforms useful to exchange their daily activities and pictures. WhatsApp and Instagram have become more popular than any other social […]

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5 Technology Trends you must Invest in 2021 for Maximum Return

Companies around the world have been investing hundreds and thousands of dollars in technology every year to foster growth, innovation, and improve overall efficiency. This is specifically why investors around the world are keeping an eye on the latest technological trends and developments where they can invest their money and enjoy higher returns in the future. […]

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