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The most common spice in India but never grow before: Asafoetida(Hing)

Asafoetida is also known as Hing in India which is the most common spice in India which is generally used most of the time in the tempering of every dish. It is simply beloved by Indian women and has been used for food for centuries but is never cultivated in India, as we are always

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A man gets infected twice from the coronavirus

A person who belongs to the United States has received the coronavirus twice. According to doctors, the second infection is more dangerous than the first. A 25-year-old man caught this coronavirus twice, requiring a hospital after he did not get oxygen to his lungs. He has now recovered from the virus after treatment. In the first wave

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What will happen to the 7th continent of the world?

The coronavirus is a major concern for the Antarctica tourist industry of the 7th continent, but it is great for the antique because it requires some time to repair without tourists so this is big news for its region. Earth’s ICY Haven The beauty of Antarctica cannot be defined in words, the place is like

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Business update: Japan to leverage coronavirus in businesses

Previous Japan experienced a record high of foreign visitors, up from 8.61 million in 2010 and 31.88 million in the previous year. Japan has been given successful international events at Osaka and the G20 summits such as the Rugby World Cup, Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and Paralympics which record the highest number of foreign visitors. Japan postponed

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Why is the threat of whale extinction a concern for humans?

Many scientists and conservationists from over 40 countries need global action to protect whales, dolphins, and porpoises from their discontent. According to scientists and conservationists, more than half of all species are of conservation concern. They are about to expire soon if they will not conserve well. Due to the lack of proper action polluted and over-exploited

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NASA launches $23 million space toilets for astronauts for Mission Moon

NASA WALLOPS launches locking to space new $23 million TOILET at the new station. NASA is about to introduce new zero-gravity space toilets for testing in international spacecraft. It will probably be of use to the moon in future missions. The $23M space toilets, which dissolves waste from the body, will be sent to the station

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5000 Indians join UPSC course with Catalyst Group in just a week

Key Highlights: Paradigm shift of Students towards UPSC and SSC courses in recent turbulent times Technology being made accessible to remote areas of India Mumbai, 1 October 2020: The Catalyst Group, an EdTech start-up offering online education for different competitive examinations recently launched a special course for the UPSC Civil Services examination, which bagged 5000 applicants

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Trifo Aims to Shake Up Robot Vacuum Market in India with AI Technology

Trifo, a Silicon Valley-based AI home robot company, is set to enter the Indian market with smart robot vacuums outfitted with an AI-powered brain. With plans to introduce its complete product portfolio ranging from entry-level to high-end models, Trifo aims to capture a five percent market share by next year. “India is the key focus

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China cyber attacked on Indian satellite communications: US Report

China is attacking an Indian satellite claimed by the united states of the US report. China attacked computer networks against Indian satellites in 2017, similar activity by China since 2007. It is listed in a new report by US-based CASI(China Aerospace Studies Institue) that gives ISRO the position of China among other things. Cyberattack is a

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Apple Store News Rules: Why Microsoft is unhappy with its new rules?

Apple is one of the top companies in the world and is known for its good services. Apple store is one of the top app stores in the world. But in a recent apple made some changes in its new app store rules. Its new guidelines for apps and the App Store have made existence easier

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