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Bring Gender equality digitally through empowering women
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International Women’s Day 2023: Pledge for a digital solution to gender equality!

Nowadays, with the help of technology and innovation, gender equality can easily be practiced. Omen can study online, work online and train online. If they are in villages, they are doing their best by becoming an online tutor, YouTubers, software developers, managers, and so on.  Theme of the Year As the theme of this IWD,

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employee satisfaction at work
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The Importance of Employee Satisfaction for Business Success

It’s no secret that employees are the ones that help the company grow and develop further. Executives may come up with strategies or ideas but it’s down to employees to make everything happen.  That’s why employee satisfaction should be a top priority for every company today. When talking about employee satisfaction, it’s not just about

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manage your freelancing career

How to Effectively Manage Your Freelancing Career

Nowadays, many people decide to pursue a freelancing career. After all, being your own boss is much more appealing to some people than sitting at the office all day and being managed by others.  Be that as it may, a freelancing career isn’t as easy to manage as people may think. Sure you can stop

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benefits of second laptop monitor
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Why Should You Use Second Laptop as a Monitor?

There comes a time when a second laptop or an extra screen comes in handy. For instance, you may wake up one day to a faulty monitor due to technological flaws. Some applications, on the other hand, may necessitate the use of dual monitors. Unfortunately, your budget or time constraints prevent you from rushing to

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How to keep the office clean after pandemic
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How to Keep Your Office Clean After a Pandemic

A couple of years ago, going to the office seemed like a normal thing. However, the majority of us shifted to a work from home setting once the pandemic hit, and it no longer feels like the norm to head back to onsite work.  One of the major concerns people may have is that the

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Feedforward approach for business
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What is Feedforward, and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

The UK’s employment sector is experiencing unprecedented tumult; around half of Britain’s workers are considering new jobs at the height of what has been titled “the Great Resignation”. Burnout is a key contributor to the metric, as well as evolving expectations on how a business conducts itself internally. With many employers wedded to outdated notions

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Strategic Sales Planning Guide
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A Brief Guide To Strategic Sales Planning

What comes to your mind when you hear the term strategic sales planning? Is it a sales strategy that helps you produce and market a product and sells on its own? Or an effective plan to market your product to boost your revenue and improve customer acquisition and conversion rate?  When releasing a product into

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HR database up to date

Why It’s Important to Keep Your HR Database up to Date

The average human resources department stores literally every piece of information about all employees in a given company. Training, career progression, absenteeism, recruitment, personal development, and productivity data are some of the information you’d find safely packed away in the HR’s data goldmine.  In the past, this data was stored in large physical files and

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Property Management Staffing Agencies
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Why Real Estate Firms Should Partner with Property Management Staffing Agencies

Real estate is one industry that thrived despite the onslaught of the pandemic.  After all, we need a roof above our heads to keep our families and us safe. Added with COVID-19-related precautions to keep socially distanced by staying at home, owning or renting a house, unit, or apartment is a priority for most house

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Balancing Work life Home life

Balancing Work Life and Home Life in 2022 [Best Tips]

With remote working now the new normal for many of us, at least 50% of UK employers are still working from home in some capacity.  While many of us admitted to preferring the flexibility of working from home, it doesn’t come without its challenges. A recent poll revealed that 67% of workers felt less connected

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