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freelance success accountability partner
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Improve Freelance Success With An Accountability Partnership

What is an accountability partnership? An accountability partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship between two people that provide support to each other in developing and meeting their individual goals and commitments. This type of partnership can be effective in assisting you to achieve many different kinds of goals such as a personal physical fitness goal, a

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remote working opportunity
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Looking for Remote work? These nations have a high demand for remote workers

The world has never been used to the remote working technique for months yet the pandemic COVID 19 has created the need for remote working. Corporates and offices all over the universe have been compelled to come out of their shell and allow remote working for safety issues. Social distant modes of working have become

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Remote working tools
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10 Best Remote working tools you need in lockdown

Amid uncertainty around the coronavirus outbreak, several business houses are resorting to options like remote working in India. While these necessary precautions have become a need of the hour, maintaining productivity is another concern. To the rescue, technology can play a pivotal role in exponentiating the output. There are a number of remote working tools available online. These applications help one

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women coming back to work
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Adoption of new ways while coming back to Workplace

Over the past few months, the government had ordered the people to work from home across the globe. The pandemic has changed a few things irreversibly as the world has realized that people can be reasonably productive working from home. However, there are numerous factors that need to be kept in mind while one is

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Productivity tips while work from home

8 Simple Tips To Stay Efficient While Working From Home

With the current global situation, work from home is the new trend. Whether it be attending the Zoom calls on hours on end, or just working overtime, work from home can take a toll on your efficiency and productivity. It is important to keep your sanity in place all throughout and maintain the much-needed work-life

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New Business Opportunities
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How to Convert Pandemic into an Opportunity: Business Tips

The COVID-19 epidemic has ruthlessly affected many of our businesses. But it is time to think about new business opportunities rather than thinking about problems. As our Honorable Prime Minister said, “convert COVID-19 challenges into opportunities” as coronavirus infections would remain for a longer time. And, it is a fact that every crisis, which is

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B2B Marketing Blogs
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Top 10 Blogs for B2B Marketers to Follow in 2020

The Business to Marketing marketing space is getting a little crowded. A large number of marketers drown in email campaigns, marketing channels, and the next thing, it is very difficult to know where to turn. There are a small number of bloggers who stand out with great content in video and graphic design. Check out

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best tools for startups
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4 Most Powerful Tools For Startups That Every Business Should Use

You know firsthand that running a startup is tough. There are endless tasks to do every day and the stress only grows when you have investors. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to that way. In fact, it can be much easier than you think. This is possible with the right tools for startups stack. There

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Tips for team building
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Tips to Make Your Team Successful

For any team to flourish, it requires harmony, companionship, one vision and a great leader who could ensure all of these are available. A successful team is one that efficiently splits tasks and effectively manages time. If your team has some of these traits, you are good to go but if you have them all,

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Outsourcing back office work
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Why outsourcing back office work is a great idea for small businesses!

Often described as a sub-discipline of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), back office outsourcing is about outsourcing crucial non-client facing support positions. Back office outsourcing has gained quite a popularity in recent years. Acknowledging the closeness they share with the activities of an enterprise, let us have a look at some of the reasons to understand

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