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Forbes names Nirmala Sitharaman as world’s 41st most powerful women

India’s Finance Minister Sitharaman ranked 41st in the list of the world’s most powerful women under Forbes names. She is included in the list of the top 100 most powerful women in the world.

Sitharaman ranks among the 100 most powerful women in the world’s top 100 most powerful women rankings. Sitharaman is 61 years old and is ranked 41st.

Other Indians also rank among the top 100 women in the world in Forbes such as Roshani Nadar Malhotra, CEO and Executive Director of HCL Corporation, and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, founder of Biocon.

US Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris placed in the No. 3 positions for the first time.
Sitaraman is the Finance Minister of India for Corporate Affairs. She is the first woman Finance Minister of India.

Roshani Nadar is at number 55 under 100. Roshani Nadar is the CEO of HCL Corporation. He is responsible for all strategies for the $ 8.9 billion technology company. Roshani is also a trustee of Shiv Nadar Foundation. She is the a richest women in India.

Mazumdar Shaw occupies a position of 68, she is a self-made rich woman. She is the founder of the country’s largest biopharmaceutical company in 1978. The company has sold more than 3 billion insulin supplements each year.

The company is the largest insulin factory in the Malaria Johor region.
Biocon has received India’s regulatory approval for Phase 4 testing for the coronavirus vaccine.

Women’s empowerment is something we talk about but these women have proved that they are the strength of the nation. These women have shown their potential in this epidemic year 2020.

In fact, these women make the country and the world proud. These females do so well and balance their work so well.

These are the females who have come under 100 top most powerful women in the world, well to come in under Forbes is not easy but these ladies have proved nothing is impossible in the world once you have set your goals to achieve your dreams.

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