AssureShift: Reinventing the Relocation Services Hiring Process

AssureShift has grown with a widespread network in all the major cities of India and is slowly moving into the tier-2 and tier-3 cities, to help more and more people facing relocation-related problem

Reinventing the Relocation Services Hiring Process
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India is growing at a remarkable rate with rising opportunities for education, jobs, and economic growth in every corner of India. Companies are opening new operational bases in every city, and people are continuously migrating from one place to another. Considering the increasing shifting demands and the fact that no one has the time or effort to handle such challenging tasks, moving companies have become the need of the hour, and the relocation industry has seen exponential growth in recent years.

When it comes to moving valuable belongings, it’s important to find reliable packers and movers who ensure complete safety of all goods from beginning to end. However, a major drawback of the relocation trade is the absence of a valid authoritative body, due to which many unprofessional and fake moving companies manifest in the market every other day. Such fraudulent businesses emerge with no intention of providing the promised services, and customers who have no idea of their scams are easily hoodwinked into paying and losing a lot of money.

AssureShift’s ( )Co-Founders Mr. Debendra Prasad and Mr. Juby John uncovered two main types of relocation companies during their work experience in the packing moving service industry; one was a group of genuine companies who provide reliable and quality services as promised, and the other group were sham companies looking to make easy money by using marketing strategies built to trap innocent customers.

“It was difficult to see many customers being conned by relocation companies, who promised various kinds of services and later stole their money and belongings. The only solution was to start a company that helps prevent customers from getting trapped in such frauds and working dedicatedly ‘for the customers’ was the main reason for our success,” recalls Debendra Prasad, Co-Founder of AssureShift.

Hiring the Right Packers Movers is a Challenge!

Generally, hiring a packing moving service provider can take anywhere between 7 – 10 days or even up to a month, during which customers must perform extensive research of the moving company’s legitimacy, and even after this, customers cannot be 100% sure of the company’s trustworthiness. Together, Debendra and John decided to drive the change that was much needed for customers to find reliable options for their relocation needs; hence, they were determined to make the process of hiring professional movers easy.

Debendra further explains, “After thorough research, we found that the customers were finding it difficult and were always unsuccessful at identifying a trustworthy mover among the innumerable options they found online; this was simply because people did not know what details to check before hiring the movers. We decided to offer quick and easy solution (through our website) so that we are able to reach the customers before the fake packers and movers do.”

Pre-verified Packers and Movers

One of the main features that distinguish genuine moving companies from fake ones is that the genuine ones have the necessary authorizations from the Govt. of India to establish business.

“We do thorough background verification of the mover’s registration documents and check them owner’s identification proof to ensure they have valid documents. We carry out the authentication process in two steps, telephonic as well as an in-person checks, done by our dedicated verification team,” describes John.

Connecting Customers with Relevant Service Providers

AssureShift is the connecting bridge between customers having shifting service requirements and companies providing these services in good-quality and as required.

“We list the verified moving companies for all kinds of relocation needs with their business profile, services, features, and contact details. Our advanced software shortlists and recommends the most relevant movers according to the customer’s needs, which they can tell us by submitting a simple form. This procedure helps the clients find appropriate movers within a few minutes, and makes it easy to hire the suitable company,” Debendra clarifies, about the procedure they have implemented.

Honest Customer Reviews and Ratings

Feedback about the moving company makes it easy to learn how the previous customers felt about the service they received by a particular service provider. Along with the business profiles on the AssureShift website, customers can find the genuine reviews about each company.

“We encourage people to express their feedback, whether good or bad, about the moving company they hired through us. Getting regular reviews not only helps our future customers to decide which company is suitable for them, but also helps us to understand which packers and movers are following modus operandi as laid out. In case we get complaints against any of the moving companies, we take immediate action to either suspend their profile or permanently blacklist them so that such incidents do not repeat,” says Debendra about the process they follow to keep up their promise made to customers.

Complete Support from Beginning to End

AssureShift’s expert customer care team is made up of well-equipped and trained individuals capable of handling and supporting their customers through any problems they may face during the relocation.

“From the time the customer tells us their requirements, until they are safely shifted to their destination, we support them. No matter what kind of issue the customer faces, be it unprofessional behaviour from the moving guys, sudden price hike halfway through the move, damages to goods, or anything else, our customer care team is always available to solve their problem. Even if the customer wants to take legal action, we will be able to provide them with the necessary details,” John responds.

Growing with Trust Across the Country

Since its inception in 2016, AssureShift has been able to secure a place for itself as the most trustworthy reference portal to find reliable packers and movers. Their unique method of helping customers to find the right service providers who ensure they have a hassle-free move, has clearly won the trust of many people across the country.

Initially comprising of just the two Co-Founders, AssureShift today has over 20+ members. Debendra and John together believe, “Teamwork makes the Dream Work”, and their entire team takes the responsibility and work together as a family to achieve the goal that the company was built for.

With regards to the work, they do and the company’s main aim, John says, “In the last 3 years, we have helped over 1000s of people to successfully relocate from one place to another. We have learnt various things along the way making it possible to grow stronger as a team. We are constantly working towards fulfilling the customer needs to the maximum extent because we understand the difficulties people go through during their relocation.”

AssureShift has grown with a widespread network in all the major cities of India and is slowly moving into the tier-2 and tier-3 cities, to help more and more people facing relocation-related problems.

“We are committed to providing customers with trustworthy and good-quality shifting services at affordable rates. We work with top moving companies in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore , and other major cities; we are currently building a strong and upcoming network in a couple of tier-2 cities. Our plans for the future is to build a platform where people can find good moving companies in their particular city, including the tier-3 cities. We want to leave no stone unturned in our journey,” concludes Debendra.

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