How FinLogix is becoming a popular community among traders?

The Finlogix platform is a great place for both new and experienced traders to learn and share their thoughts and trade ideas on any stock or instrument they want.  It is one of the largest and most active community of traders in Australia.

FinLogix trading platform
Image Source: FinLogix.

Finlogix is a free social trading platform that connects like-minded traders and investors together in the one place. The Finlogix platform is a great place for both new and experienced traders to learn and share their thoughts and trade ideas on any stock or instrument they want.  It is one of the largest and most active community of traders in Australia. 

  • Finlogix for traders, analysts, and educators discovering and contributing ideas within the active trading community.
  • A platform to experience the power of Intuitive charting combined with powerful trading tools.
  • Finlogix seamlessly integrates with your business website and takes it to the next level, allowing your clients to access wiggles that provide real-time prices across the global financial markets and much more.

What are the features of FinLogix?

The Finlogix platform comes with a wide range of tools and functionalities for everyone to use. One of the many popular tools included is the economic calendar. The economic calendar is essential for those traders looking to keep tabs on market moving data, and in turn, speculate the outcome for certain forex pairs, stocks, commodities, gold, oil, indices and even crypto.

Another stand out feature of the Finlogix platform is the Watchlist that appears. The watchlist includes the hottest instruments in each market, whether it be in terms of movement or trending conversations. The image below is what you can expect from the watchlist on the platform.

FinLogix Features

If you are trader who wants to remain up to date with what’s trending in the market, the watchlist is a perfect feature for you to use.

The Finlogix platform has a wide array of features just waiting to be used. Be sure to check them all out as regardless of your trading experience, they will be of benefit to you.

Benefits of Finlogix Charts

The charts on the Finlogix platform are very simple and accurate. Although simple, they come with a wide array of functions and indicators that one can use to analyse their chart of choice. Indicator categories to choose from include trends, oscillators, volumes, williams with a wide range of indicators to choose from under each category. The image below is just a sample of what you can expect.

The Finlogix charts also include the time frame tool, time zone tool, position tool and even the template tool which allows you to change the colour of your chart’s background. The dark background is a favourite, but it is completely customisable (see image below).

Finlogix for Businesses

Do you want to enhance your website?

Finlogix isn’t only for those looking to connect with like-minded traders and analyse the markets, Finlogix also provides free widgets for business owners to use on their websites.  

We’ve created our financial widgets with simplicity in mind. Each one is as easy as embedding a YouTube video on your site. 

Whether you are a Forex educator, broker, news site or simply wanting to have some free widgets to enhance your website, the Finlogix widgets are easy to implement, and they provide a richer user experience to your end-users.  

Some of the widgets that are offered for free include the following:

  • Small Markets Widget – This widget allows anyone to view the movement of the markets in real time.
  • Symbol Strip Widget – The symbol strip widget is another handy tool to have on your website which provides all the latest movements in the market, without taking up much space on your website – taking your website to the next level in just one simple drop of a code.
  • Market Sentiment Indicator Widget – The market sentiment widget will allow you to discover what percentage of people are going long or short on a particular investment. This can assist people in making an investment decision should they need it. In the example below, you will see the percentage of the market is going long on the AUD/USD.
  • Economic Calendar – The Economic calendar widget provides users with critical economic events & breaking news items that preferences can filter, allowing them to plan their trade ahead of global financial affairs.

To install any of these website-enhancing and functional widgets on your site, simply head to the link below and get them for free!  Remember, it is as easy as embedding a YouTube link.  

The widgets add to the website’s end user experience and provide rich user analytics through the developer portal.


Finlogix is a free charting and social trading platform for traders of all skill levels to use. It comes with a wide range of tools to use and charts to analyze end-user for you to make better investment decisions. It is designed for traders, analysts, and businesses, and media companies. Introduced just two years ago, the platform offers excellent growth potential under the umbrella of highly skilled management and industry experts.


  • Platform valuable for both traders, analysts and businesses in the industry including brokers, media companies, educators and many more.
  • Providing value at no cost.
  • A large variety of services offered from HTML charting and trading tools to financial widgets with live market data and data feeds.

Take a look at the video below for an in-depth breakdown of what Finlogix is all about.

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